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    My Powermac G5 Build

    I would love to see photos or hear more info on what you did for the PSU casing. I too am starting my build with a Lazer Hive kit, and I am wanting to keep the look as stock as possible with my G5 case. My first attempt is to try fitting a SilverStone 700w SFX PSU I just bought into the old PSU...

    X99 Chipset Advice (4K Editing Goal)

    I've definitely been looking around, which X99 builds come to mind that were successful that you found?

    X99 Chipset Advice (4K Editing Goal)

    I wanna preface that my main goal to building this Hackintosh is to get a STRONG 4K video editing machine to at least handle the load that 4K footage requires for rendering and such. That being said, these are the parts that I am interested in buying and sticking pretty closely to: CPU...

    Has anyone built a Hackintosh on a ASUS X99-A motherboard?

    I am just starting to my Hackintosh building adventure, so unfortunately I dont have any advice for you. But I am very interested in keeping track of your build as I would like to mimic it pretty closely. On a side note, have you gotten your build to work on "any" OS X yet? Or have you just...