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  1. rake.mistry

    [worklog] [watercooling] Apple G4 Cube goes i7-7700K/GTX1070....

    Fantastic work! Can't wait to see the final product!
  2. rake.mistry

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 (mini-ITX)

    Thanks so much for the detailed guide! Does anyone have sleep working properly with this motherboard on Sierra? I've got everything working except for sleep now. I also have a dedicated AMD GPU (Radeon RX 460) with integrated graphics disabled, so that may be adding to my troubles. I'm going to...
  3. rake.mistry

    Handoff to MAC not working Sierra

    Quick question – will I need to revert any kext changes I made for the BCM94352Z in order to get the genuine airport card to work properly? I ended up purchasing an adapter and a BCM94360CS2 card, but haven't installed them yet. UPDATE: I just installed them, and without making any kext...
  4. rake.mistry

    DisplayPort 1.2 support and daisy chain

    Ah, that's fair. My current setup works, so for the sake of having just one less cable coming out of my hack, I think I'll just leave it as-is for now. As nice as it would be to have, it seems like it's more hassle than it's worth for something that'll be buggy at best. Thanks for letting me...
  5. rake.mistry

    DisplayPort 1.2 support and daisy chain

    Sorry to butt in, but what are the conditions on the "sort of" works with AMD? I have an RX 460 and would love to be able to daisy chain my 2 Dell U2515H's. Is it a matter of using a framebuffer?
  6. rake.mistry

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    FWIW, while on 10.12.5 with an MSI RX460 2GB, I got a considerably lower Geekbench OpenCL Compute score when using the Berbice frame buffer (with appropriate patch applied) vs using the stock drivers. Scored 56,000 using the framebuffer vs 72,000 without it. Not sure if this is expected or not...
  7. rake.mistry

    Name the Next macOS (10.13)

    macOS DubNation
  8. rake.mistry

    Handoff to MAC not working Sierra

    Cheers, thanks for the updates! I think I'll stick with the BCM94532Z for now since wifi/bt/airdrop are working, and will look into getting an Apple airport card + an m.2 adapter for it sometime down the line. Thanks again for all the help :)
  9. rake.mistry

    Handoff to MAC not working Sierra

    Thanks for the update! Which card did you end up getting?
  10. rake.mistry

    Handoff to MAC not working Sierra

    Sorry to bump up an old thread like this, but I'm just curious – have any of you had any luck with this since your last posts? I've got the BCM94352Z and have followed numerous guides (including this one to a T), but can't seem to get handoff working properly. My hack is currently running...
  11. rake.mistry

    Rayd's G4 Cube Hackintosh - i7 4790S - H87I-PLUS - GTX 1050 Ti - 2x 1TB SSD

    I look forward to seeing your updates on this, I myself have been tempted by the new Pascal drivers! Please keep us posted :) Also, out of curiosity, which PCIe extender/riser cable did you use and how well has it held up? Are you able to get the full performance out of your graphics card while...
  12. rake.mistry

    Low-Power Cube with Discrete GPU Build

    Awesome work so far! Looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading all about your progress. Which PCIE extender did you end up going with? And how have the results been so far with it? For my own build (that's still in the planning phases), I'm still debating whether I should go for a...
  13. rake.mistry

    G4 Cube Build Advice

    Thanks for the replies, everyone! I really appreciate it. I was busy with exams and then Christmas, so I haven't had the chance to get back to this for a while. @neilhart thank you for letting me know about "thin" boards! I hadn't heard of them before, but I searched through a couple of your...
  14. rake.mistry

    G4 Cube Build Advice

    Just giving this a quick bump. Anyone have any thoughts about the PSU?
  15. rake.mistry

    G4 Cube Build Advice

    Hi all! After months of lurking these forums, I've finally decided to take the plunge and turn my G4 Cube into a hackintosh. I've read through quite a few threads, and think I've figured out exactly what hardware I'd like to use. The Cube will be used mainly for web/software development, and...