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  1. mykuls

    Early 2011 MacBook Pro --->old apple case

    Does anyone have any experience removing and running a MacBook Pro(early 2011) in another case or outside the case? I am trying to find info on what is necessary to operate the motherboard, ie does the cpu fan have to be plugged in to boot, other required connected peripherals,etc.? I looked...
  2. mykuls

    eMac hackintosh - eMac II

    Nice look with the paint. I can't believe you crammed all of that in there. My eHack is pretty messy inside without the graphics card. What are your thoughts on the motherboard you used?
  3. mykuls

    Cube Planning

    I got a good deal on a cube and have it gutted and ready to go. I was going to put my 2014 Mac mini inside but I couldn’t bare to wreck it. Just want to get some feedback on my motherboard choices. Thin mini-itx are lagging behind, so they are out of the question. #1 - NUC8i5 BEH #2 -...
  4. mykuls

    Touch Sensors - three models

    Slightly related question for you (because you know a ton!!! :thumbup:) Wondering if you’ve had any dealings with a 2014 Mac mini and how this touch sensor would work out? I just picked one up and may put it into a cube case but I don’t know much about the mini’s power supply and how this switch...
  5. mykuls

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    Before I upload all my files for error reporting, is it possible to get HDMI audio when using HDMI connected tv as a second monitor (H77n-wifi with 1 DVI, 1 HDMI)? I get "Error: more than one display connected to HD4000, patch not possible No system files were changed"
  6. mykuls

    bitdoctor's MiniMacPro Build: intel Core i7-3770 - Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI - HD 4000 - 16 GB - 256 GB

    I had no issues at all going to High Sierra with the same motherboard. I was on Sierra before though. Perhaps you could try that route. I followed the update instructions before the latest UniBeast.
  7. mykuls

    2002 eMac G4 700 -> 2013 eHack i3 Ivy Bridge

    The power button apple used is two wires just like a PC. I just wired it to the appropriate plug salvaged from an old case. I haven't open it up in a while, but I believe I used a good bit of wire from the PC end to make the overall length long enough to reach the pins on the opposite corner of...
  8. mykuls

    "eHack" [In Progress]

    I still use this computer every day @ work. Whenever someone new walks in they always say, "Wow, that's an old Mac!" A little bulky, but with the LCD in it it weighs less than half the original weight.
  9. mykuls

    Name the Next OS X (10.12)

    Alcatraz - 10-12 1929 Alcatraz becomes a federal prison (unofficially)
  10. mykuls

    EVGA GTX 750 SC from the buyers guide, really works?

    You need to use the Nvidia Web drivers for the 750. See here. I am using it in El Capitan and it works fine once you install the web drivers. Boot from unibeast/clover usb stick if you have to so you can get to your installation to install the web drivers.
  11. mykuls

    Working 100% official Apple BCM94360CD with PCIe adapter from Mallaid/Taobao

    Maybe the usb plug is wired wrong? I thought mine was but tried it and it worked. Check the pins.
  12. mykuls

    4Pin vs. 3Pin fans for G5 Case

    Thanks for the response Neil. Perhaps the two in the back, the hdd, and front speaker bracket would be more than enough.
  13. mykuls

    4Pin vs. 3Pin fans for G5 Case

    I was wondering what everyone thought about using 4pin vs. 3pin fans in for the case fans in a G5 mod. My motherboard, GA-H97M-D3H, has three 4pin connectors for case fans. I have 2 fans to wire together for both the front and back fans and then the front speaker fan and HDD fan. I could wire...
  14. mykuls

    Buying or Making a WiFi/Bluetooth Card To Enable Handoff and Other Features

    Just installed the $65 one from Amazon. (Same as link in post above) OS X recognized it right away and it came with Windows drivers. Windows Bluetooth driver worked but had to find wifi driver in the forums here. Someone posted a recent driver possibly from boot camp. Easy, and it came in 3...
  15. mykuls

    Dual booting - A simple question

    Boot from your unibeast created installer and and you should be able to install OS X and Clover on the other SSD (format with Disk Utility first). Then tell the BIOS to boot from that SSD. Clover should notice your Windows partition. In the past, I have unplugged the Windows SSD before...
  16. mykuls

    Rickyreall84’s G5 Yin Yang build

    SWEET BUILD! :clap: I am afraid to put my G5 build log up, yours is so clean!
  17. mykuls

    Guide for Gigabyte H/Z97N-WIFI Using HD4600 or GTX 750 Ti Using Clover (El Capitan)

    Sorry if I missed it in an earlier post but are you using HDMI audio? I just installed El Capitan on the H97M-D3H which also uses ALC892. I had no audio until I ran Toledo's latest script from Tony's post 2 days ago. It enabled HDMI audio for the 4600 and my Nvidia card. Works now.
  18. mykuls

    New Automatic HDMI Audio Script Released

    Worked great with GTX 750 HDMI. It also installed 4600 HDMI but haven't tested that yet. Thanks Toleda and tonymac!
  19. mykuls

    Mod About This Mac!

    Can't you change the serial # in clover configurator?
  20. mykuls

    GUIDE : CustoMac Mini 2012 | H77N-WIFI | i3-3225 | HD4000 | OS X 10.11

    Any progress on USB? I have the same setup and the usb ports that I have hooked up to the onboard USB 2 and USB 3 headers do not function (my front USB 2/3). USB2 and USB3 back ports function normally. I am new to clover and clover configurator, so what I have tried so far with that has not...