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  1. haimann951

    Asus TP500LA with macOS High Sierra

    You can try following my guide here: It's not quite up to date, but that's because this site is extremely slow for me when logged in to my account. For the Nvidia GPU, you can follow Rehabmans guide to...
  2. haimann951

    Asus TP500LA with macOS High Sierra

    Another thing I noticed is, that if you warm reboot from Sierra, the battery percentage is working properly. Maybe it's an ACPI issue, it might be worth a try to extract ACPI whilst running High Sierra.
  3. haimann951

    Asus TP500LA with macOS High Sierra

    Thank you, but unfortunately, my trackpad is an Elan touchpad. With VoodooPS2 I don't have any multitouch gestures at all.
  4. haimann951

    Asus TP500LA with macOS High Sierra

    Nope, double tap and drag doesn't work for me neither.
  5. haimann951

    Asus TP500LA with macOS High Sierra

    Hi, I think it's not an issue with the battery patch itself because I used the same patch for 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra and it has always been fine (with ACPIBatteryManager). But I will try clearing the nvram. For my touchpad I am using ApplePS2SmartTouchpad. I think...
  6. haimann951

    Asus TP500LA with macOS High Sierra

    Hi, I have successfully installed macOS High Sierra on my ASUS TP500LA. Everything is working except the battery percentage (its stuck unless you uncheck show percentage and reactivate it again) using the 10.12 configuration. Thats it for now.
  7. haimann951

    [README] Common (some unsolved) Problems in 10.12 Sierra

    Hi Rehabman, I had the same lag problem on my HD5500 using ig-platform-id 0x16260006. I tried following your guide by removing one connector from the pipe count and putting port 204 (this is the port my Laptop is using for HDMI) into the place of port 105. After rebooting, the HDMI connection...
  8. haimann951

    [Guide] macOS on the ASUS-TP500LA (Broadwell Edition)

    Could you attach your ACPI/origin folder for me?
  9. haimann951

    Asus UX310UA (Skylake) doubts

    Yeah, sure. It's attached to this post.
  10. haimann951

    When could we use non-Apple cell phones running on ios system?

    That is not possible right now (and it probably will never be). iOS is using it's own, non open source kernel, android phones have their linux kernel provided by the OEM. You would have to rewrite the kernel for each android device to make it work. iOS devices use proprietary Apple CPUs...
  11. haimann951

    [Guide] Acer Swift 3 – macOS Sierra 10.12.2

    What does the following patch do? AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer Find : FF0000000100000020000000 Replace : 000008000400000098000000 Comment : Framebuffer fix FF
  12. haimann951

    [solved] Question about AppleHDA patching (Conexant 8050)

    That doesn't work for me neither, like most codecs with a combo jack.
  13. haimann951

    Asus UX310UA (Skylake) doubts

    I used the MacForOnce repo of the VoodooI2C driver. You also have to apply a DSDT edit, which can be found here: See post #150.
  14. haimann951

    Crash after loading kexts, garbage shown on screen

    I have the exact same system as the op, check out my guide here:
  15. haimann951

    [Guide] macOS on the ASUS-TP500LA (Broadwell Edition)

    When applying the B0D3 to HDAU patch, make sure to change the audio layout id.
  16. haimann951

    [Guide] macOS on the ASUS-TP500LA (Broadwell Edition)

    Make sure to follow the linked guide by Rehabman on how to extract ACPI files and fixing errors. After that, apply all of the mentioned patches in my guide and you should be good to go.
  17. haimann951

    [Guide] macOS on the ASUS-TP500LA (Broadwell Edition)

    A small update for the Realtek card reader: Sinetek at insanelymac is working on a driver to make the Realtek PCIE card readers working. I can confirm that it is working with this laptop. It's still in beta, but if you like to try it out check it out here...
  18. haimann951

    Adding/Using HiDPI custom resolutions

    Am I right that it is not possible to connect external monitor anymore when using HiDPI? (the computer I am using it on has a Intel HD 520). When I connect a monitor the laptop screen goes black or the external monitor is not detected at all. Is that caused by HiDPI?
  19. haimann951

    [solved] BCM 94352Z - Bluetooth random lost after wake.

    I have the same issues as the OP. Happening on my AzureWave-CE123H and a DW1560.
  20. haimann951

    Realtek PCI Card Reader drivers

    Thanks for making this post, also my Realtek PCIE Card reader is working (RTS5287). I have the same issues as everyone else, but that is a driver issue that will hopefully be resolved soon.