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  1. lukethedonkey

    Laggy, and says only 3 MB Display Graphics

    I managed to install OS X after some problems, but the maximum resolution I can set is 1024 x 768, and, in "About This Mac" it says I only have 3 MB display graphics memory. I actually have 2 Sapphire R9 290s, which each have 4 GB memory, so what's the problem here, and how can I fix it? Thanks,
  2. lukethedonkey

    Hangs at "boot0:done" when trying to boot from Unibeast USB

    I made my USB boot drive using Unibeast, but when I select it as my boot device, and try to boot, it says: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: done And it just stops there, with a blinking cursor. I can't get to the installation screen. Does anyone know what problem I'm having, and how I...