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    HP ProBook 430 G1 DSDT Compile Errors

    hi, can somebody post a completed DSDT for a 430 G1? i cannot find 430G1 specific DSDT patches such as are available for 4xxx series of pro books thanks

    ATI Radeon HD4550 on 10.8 ML, anyone?

    bump we need an ati4500series kext. or can we use a legacy 4500 kext from SL?

    Ati 5450 issues with 10.8.3

    hey ssprod, that is strange, it worked like a charm for me except for the stated incompatibility with the 2560 x 1440 hi-res monitor. have you got any other non standard expansion cards installed? (raid card, usb card, 1394 card......?)

    Ati 5450 issues with 10.8.3

    awesome! quick help. this is 90% working. it works flawlessly on my 1680 x 1050 monitor, but where the same system, same card worked on my 2560 x 1440 monitor, this kext / card no longer work. i get flickering combined with total video signal drop out. any clue? thanks again!

    Ati 5450 issues with 10.8.3

    Glad we have some others in need of the 68f9 device id and 10.8.3 fix. curious, when you say downgraded to 10.8.2, how exactly did you do this? is it as simple as just launching the 10.8.2 combo update? i will keep everybody posted if i find a fix for our 5450s and would like to know...

    Ati 5450 issues with 10.8.3

    i am in the exact same boat as you. been using patched id kexts for all my HD5450s in 10.8.2, updated to 10.8.3 kextbeasted the two ati kexts as normal, but this time no recognition. help us, please

    nvidia Geforce 9600 GT and OPEN CL - which patch

    Did you ever solve 10.8.2 breaking older vintage nvidia cards? I am seeing the same thing. Cards like quadro 600, fx380, fx570, 9600gt that I have used well up to 10.8.1 are "breaking" after 10.8.2 Only way I can eliminate issues such as crazy artifacts and freezing is to yank em and pop...

    Radeon 5450 no wake up from sleep?

    you rock! used your pcirootuid fix and i have sleep working THANKS!

    P6x58D Premium ALC889 Optical Out Not Working - could use some help

    can one of you fine gentleman attached a working vanilla DSDT for this board along with the needed bios version. i am picking this board up tomorrow and would like to install mountain lion any tips are greatly appreciated thanks

    M-Audio Audiophile 2496 finally on Mountain Lion with sleep, 64-bit

    hi, just got a 2496 card and would love to try your modded kext, but i do not have the original kext to be over written. the link at the beginning of the thread is dead. if possible please supply original envy kext that is to be overwritten thanks

    Maximus V Gene 10.8.x Guide

    hi can you link me to the dvd player framework patch for 10.8.2 please thanks

    [SUCESS GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 LGA 1155] CORE I5 3570K - SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6850

    hi, i decided to update BIOS to the UEFI rev. POST times are much faster. curious if you have sleep working? also curious which boxes you had checked in the multibeast drop down. any assistance provided is much appreciated thanks this build is as follows Z68A-D3H-B3 REV1.3 UEFI...

    AD1988 audio in LION. please assist

    okay. i will do that. if it fails and causes a KP will i be able to boot back into the install in safe mode (-x) and repair the issue ? thanks so much for the response. next i will do an ivy bridge i3 with HD4000 on board on an asrock z77e-itx (very similar to yours) thanks

    AD1988 audio in LION. please assist

    hi all, first time post. been finding this site extremely helpful. so far i have a z68 / i3 system with a quadro 600 running mountain lion 99% perfect. now for the question... doing a super legacy build for fun. asus P5B-E with a QX6700 and 9500GT. installed LION 10.7.4 all is well...