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  1. hmttony

    Gtx 760, native resolution of 4k UHD tv not detected.

    I have a 65" samsung 4k UHD tv and I want to hook my main desktop with a gtx 760 up to it, but osx doesn't properly detect the proper resolution. On windows the system properly detects the tv and outputs a 3840 x 2160 image @ 30hz. Osx on the otherhand thinks the 65" tv is a 120" tv which is...
  2. hmttony

    nsurlsessionid taking up bandwidth upon boot

    After booting into OS X yosemite and logging in, the nsurlsessionid process starts downloading something. The process starts downloading at the max speed my internet will allow which is 6.25 MB/s, so the download finishes quite fast and the network usage eventually goes back down to 0. My...
  3. hmttony

    CPU overheating problems.

    I decided to let the computer cool down for some time, so I turned it off for 2 hours and now the temperatures have stabilized to around the 40˚C to 45˚C Range . I suspect it has something to do with the pump. I will probably replace the cooler eventually when I have time though to atleast the...
  4. hmttony

    CPU overheating problems.

    Yesterday My computer was running fine and the cpu idle temperatures were around 36˚C - 39˚C, but today I came home and my cpu is now literally overheating. Now Idle temp's are around 76˚C to 80˚C. I tried cleaning the fans and filters and under clocking my cpu, but nothing seems to be helping...
  5. hmttony

    Cannot verify your device/computer

    Quit the app store and Try deleting the networkinterfaces.plist file located at : /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist Then restart OSX and then try downloading mavericks again .
  6. hmttony

    Help! Can't Reboot!!!! Post Install!

    From what I can tell , you are getting kernal panics. Can you post some better pictures of the panic , because it very hard to read the current pictures. Edit : I did some research and found out that natively your mobo isn't really compatible and it requires some bios flashing and some...
  7. hmttony

    Spoof version (10.8.2 to 10.8.4)

    Well usually if the os requirement is un-necessary you could download the app elsewhere and then edit the info.plist to allow the app to run in a older version of OSX , but i am pretty sure xcode 5 requires certain updates in 10.8.4+ inorder to operate properly . So spoofing your OS wouldn't...
  8. hmttony

    Spoof version (10.8.2 to 10.8.4)

    What app are you trying to download ?
  9. hmttony

    Adobe After Effects CC with GTX 760

    I just finished install OSX on my GTX 760 based build and was wondering how i would enable GPU acceleration using cuda on After effects.
  10. hmttony

    Compatibility Check before I buy my components

    I just wanted to make sure everything below is compatible before i go out to buy my components
  11. hmttony

    Mac Pro or Hackintosh Pro?

    I replied to some other users thread which asked the same question . so i thought i post it here aswell :D Well a Hackintosh that is comparable to the mac pro costs around $2400 (before taxes). But will not have thunderbolt , a small form factor , or the same exact GPU. SO basically for an...
  12. hmttony

    A Mum that needs some help for son's Christmas present.

    well the integrated graphics should be fine for what you have described , you have chosen to buy a a pretty recent processor , so i doubt you would find a used motherboard , but you should be able to finish the remaining build for less than $300 . For the Motherboard , if you don't plan on...
  13. hmttony

    Which Would You Buy? Hackintosh vs. New Mac Pro

    Well a Hackintosh that is comparable to the mac pro costs around $2400 (before taxes). But will not have thunderbolt , a small form factor , or the same exact GPU. SO basically for an extra $600 the mac pro offers a slightly different GPU and CPU in a smaller form factor with thunderbolt 2.0 ...
  14. hmttony


    The new Mac pro isn't out yet , so there isn't any support in the os yet . If you are looking at getting a AMD Firepro card i suggest you wait till the new Mac pro comes out . Although quadro 4000 works fine with OSX , but you are probably better of getting a gtx 780 because even though its not...
  15. hmttony

    Zotac Z77-ITX WiFi - 2560x1440 Possible through DP?

    I would suggest a Gigabyte z77 mini itx board instead ( because its more compatible with OSX and its easier to setup . The Gigabyte board doesn't have display port , but you can always just get a hdmi to display port adapter...
  16. hmttony

    Haswell Hackintosh Possible Now?

    Yes there is support , but only in 10.9 Mavericks which isn't out yet . I am not sure about the 4770K , but the 4570k works in 10.9 . If you are registered apple developer you can download 10.9 and try it . But if you aren't a registered developer you will have to wait till this fall for OSX...
  17. hmttony

    BitFenix Home Server Build -- ITX board with 6 SATA ports?

    Gigabyte is usually the preferred manufacturer because their motherboards usually work with little extra work required. As for compatibility i can't really say anything due to forum rules which prevent me from talking about unreleased software by apple . The reason why SL doesn't work with...
  18. hmttony

    BitFenix Home Server Build -- ITX board with 6 SATA ports?

    Currently Haswell Processers aren't supported , They will be when 10.9 is officially released this fall though . So you wont be able to build a haswell hackintosh this summer . So far as mini itx goes , only asus and asrock sell z87 itx boards with 6 sata ports , Although i would wait till 10.9...
  19. hmttony

    Any known Hackintosh motherboards that will support 64GB of Ram?

    A i7 3770k and GTX 670 should be more than enough to run after effects and cinema 4d . Although if you are thinking of getting a x79 motherboard , remember you will then need a compatible 2011 processor such as the i7 3820.
  20. hmttony

    Just placed the order (ga-z77x-up5 th)

    Looks good . All the parts should work . Although i am not sure about the firewire card you chose .