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  1. joppez

    macOS 10.13.3 Supplemental Update

    I just installed it on my real Mac Pro 5.1, and it broke my NVIDIA-driver, so stay away until NVIDIA makes an update.
  2. joppez

    10.12 Nvidia Pascal Web Driver disaster reloaded under 10.13 High Sierra?

    I have a real Mac Pro mid-2010 with a GTX780 (Maxwell). so I did the same as jbressler and this is the transcript. Seems like we will get drivers soon. I upgraded to 10.13 yesterday, but had to restore Sierra from Time Machine, due to the lack of drivers, so this is not only affecting the...
  3. joppez

    How to Fix iMessage

    Same thing here. Stayed at Mavericks and never upgraded to Yosemite and iMessage has been working since I called Apple a few weeeks ago. However, two days ago it failed again and I am now shown a dialog with a customer code when I try to login. The utility imessage_debug is showing exactly...
  4. joppez

    How to Fix iMessage

    Hi, From my real MacBook Pro 15'' Mid 2010 (6.2): Number of Bytes making up the MLB: 13 Number of Characters in the string: 13 Your System Type: MacBookPro6,2 Last four digits of OSX S/N: PAGZ First five hex values of MLB: 57 38 30 32 38 First five string values of MLB: W8028 Last...
  5. joppez

    Fresh Lion install with 16 Gb of RAM from the start?

    I've done it too with 16Gb on Lion and had no problems whatsoever (apart from the usual HD3000 glitches and some problems with the network).
  6. joppez

    Mac Mini 2011... Experience needed :)

    Please try my plist and see if it works on your machine. Then you can add the C- and P-states back in and see if the artefacts comes back. At least we will get some more clues on what is causing this.
  7. joppez

    Mac Mini 2011... Experience needed :)

    I also had HD3000 artefacts when I built my current system. But after removing most of the stuff in org.chameleon.Boot.plist they completely disappeared (at the start I basically had what multibeast gave me). This was the contents of my original file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>...