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  1. ItsNotReallyMe

    Duke's G3 B&W case mod

    hey I have the XFX 5870 Black Edition to fix the card being recognised as radeon 5000 series I changed graphics enabler to yes this also fixed the problem with halved video performance after sleep! hope this helps :) ah sorry i see what you did... i believe that the 6870 is having problems...
  2. ItsNotReallyMe

    BoomR's twist on the G5 Front Panel Quick Guide

    Exactly what I wanted to be sure of... Thank you :) the little diagram of the apple connector had me confused before but I'm sorted now thanks again :)
  3. ItsNotReallyMe

    BoomR's twist on the G5 Front Panel Quick Guide

    hey im a little confused with the diagram the bits with the numbers on them is that the face that plugs into the little chip with the power button ect or is it the face that the little black plugs go into that we cut? thanks a lot :)
  4. ItsNotReallyMe

    Camera Image is very Blur and Dark.

    i know the post is ancient and i dont have a probook yet but after reading the forum i found this iGlasses for Mac - Effects and Adjustments for your Webcam, iSight, FaceTime Camera - Ecamm Network if it doesnt help you it might help someone else looking for a fix
  5. ItsNotReallyMe

    Fix for Underscan

    Same problem with my 5870 i have the dreaded border -.- im using dvi and my only other option without using converters is to use DisplayPort so i guess ill have to track down a cable or buy one it would be a shame if it still didnt work tho has anyone else tried it? oh while im here i dont know...
  6. ItsNotReallyMe

    Boot screen resolution. Need programmer's help please

    hey i had/have the same problems with my 5870 and i fixed the VESA res by following this guide its for ATI but it might help you find out where you can get a alternative nvidia tool. so now i have a 1920x1080 bios, bootloader and macosx loading screen but it is centered in the middle of my...
  7. ItsNotReallyMe

    5870 damn loud

    in all honesty i have no idea... the fan is running at about 50% i think... i used ... 27787&st=0 to attempt to quieten it down and it works until just before the log in screen. im only guessing but the 5870 mac pro drivers built into osx must be telling...
  8. ItsNotReallyMe

    5870 damn loud

    hey everyone :) my xfx 5870 is pretty loud and i have tired flashing the bios with RBE in windows and that works fine until i get past the spinning wheel at boot in mac and then im guessing macosx takes over control of the fan... leaving me with a loud fan once more... any help would be great...
  9. ItsNotReallyMe

    DaveVegas G5 PowerHack

    nice build :) could you tell me where you got the wallpaper or upload it for me? I'm sure i have seen it somewhere and have been searing for a while but with no luck... thanks :)
  10. ItsNotReallyMe

    G5 Case Mod...yes another one

    hey mate just wondering if you have any updates? im a kiwi too lol thinking about either doing a case mod or buying a lian li/fractal define r3... i havnt built a hackintosh before but ill be starting one early next year... long story short hows the case going? lol edit: oh and first post btw