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  1. joeyslaptop

    Intel 11th Gen IGPU with z590 Big Sur

    That link mostly deals with Z590 motherboard complications, and doesn't appear to address much at all about the 11600k processor.
  2. joeyslaptop

    How do I decipher PCIRoot in config.plist>Root>DeviceProperties>Add?

    I assume that the following default code is a PCI-slot address or something, but I can't find much info on it. What is this (in simple terms)? How do I construct entries in this section? Do I do one for each PCI port? ----------Info----------- I found this command in Linux that appears to...
  3. joeyslaptop

    10th Gen Intel core i5 and Z490 motherboard (Catalina install?)

    I used the OpenCore method and got everything running, but it was having a ton of errors in the console. So, I'm trying again more carefully paying attention to more-manual-than-automated method. Currently, I'm trying to learn more about the values I need to include in the config.plist in...
  4. joeyslaptop

    10th Gen Intel core i5 and Z490 motherboard (Catalina install?)

    Update: I'm still scouring the internet, and am not finding much. It looks like the Gen 11 Intel chips are coming out. Has anybody gotten this hardware to work?
  5. joeyslaptop

    [Working] MSI Z490-A Pro + i5 10500 + OpenCore 0.6.0

    If you got it working well, can you post the settings and methods you used?
  6. joeyslaptop

    Power Mac G4 Hackintosh + Case Mod

    M'eh - I got sick of researching this, and touching pins with a screwdriver to turn on my computer every time. I found a method that works for basic functionality: Power on/off, reboot, hd led. It does involve damaging the card to a small degree and soldering on three new wires. But, if...
  7. joeyslaptop

    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    The back end of the socket (not the side you plug into): Top 1 3 5 7 9 Bottom 2 4 6 8 10 The front side of the socket (the side you plug the cable into): Top 9 7 5 3 1 Bottom 10 8 6 4 2 ------------ LiveSorcerer, thanks again! I did the method and it works. :clap: I have the...
  8. joeyslaptop

    Upgrading a G5

    I have a MacMini running the same OS. It's fun. I have used it for Garage Band and also for booting into Classic Mode to use Infini-D 3d animation software that's pretty fun and intuitive to use. I recently bought a PowerMac G4 (dual 450 Mhz Power PC processors) and decided to mod it. I...
  9. joeyslaptop

    Mac Pro front firewire, usb, audio - part number (820-2201-A) in a hackintosh?

    Thanks for responding. I'm glad you got it working. I have put this project aside temporarily while I work on a new case mod: PowerMac G4 2x450 Mhz case. Now, I need the front panel layout or solution for the 820-1178-A front panel. I will bookmark this page and come back to it. Thanks...
  10. joeyslaptop

    G4 Quicksilver switch

    Can you show a diagram or pictures of your mod? I'm trying to keep my mod as vanilla as I can, and really want to be able to get the power button to work as it did originally. It appears that on mine (820-1178-A), there is no pinout connected directly to the power switch. Pushing power...
  11. joeyslaptop

    Power Mac G4 Hackintosh + Case Mod

    Does anyone know where I can get the schematics for this part? I seem to remember something about continuous power flow through the power button rather than a quick power connect on the button push.
  12. joeyslaptop

    Hackintosh Support for 10th Gen intel Laptops (i5-10210u)

    Yep - didn't work for me. I have several other versions of OSX as backups on other partitions. I get to the apple logo, and that's it.
  13. joeyslaptop

    10th Gen Intel core i5 and Z490 motherboard (Catalina install?)

    I'm using the following hardware and want to get it to run OS 10.16 Catalina: Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X Motherboard: here. <--$150 Intel 10th Gen i5 10500 processor: here. <--$202 (now $240) Patriot DDR4 PC3200 2x16 GB of RAM: here. <--$124 PNY M.2 500 GB Hard Drive: here. <--$70 Gigabyte RX460...
  14. joeyslaptop

    Pinout and circuit for the G4 Sawtooth switch cable

    Has anyone figured out the 820-1178-A? So far, I have... 1. +S3 2. 3. +S2 4. +LED (also appears that 7 (goes to 585 from 1), 8 (goes to 585 from 1), 10 (goes to 800 from 1) have some affect on current) 5. R1, R12(?) - doesn't work when using as power switch. 6. 7. -All 8. -All 9. 10. ? (goes...
  15. joeyslaptop

    Budget G3 Powerhack

    Wish the pictures were still here.
  16. joeyslaptop

    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    Did this mod work correctly for you? I have the same board.
  17. joeyslaptop

    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    I'm working on a similar case, and using a similar method with my dremmel. I'll post pictures maybe when it's complete.
  18. joeyslaptop

    Is it ok for a CPU fan to blow into the power supply?

    So, a 65-watt processor seems pretty safe then. It’s the i5 10500. No over locking or anything, but it probably will be used for processor-intensive tasks.
  19. joeyslaptop

    Power Mac G4 Hackintosh + Case Mod

    Yeah, I want to be vanilla as possible. I have seen a couple of YouTube videos that sort of do a hack job soldering and busting off the little chip. I can't bring myself to do that though.
  20. joeyslaptop

    Is it ok for a CPU fan to blow into the power supply?

    Is that air coming straight off the processor fan through your case?