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  1. Shellficious

    Yosemite's Handoff with Half-Height Mini-PCIe Card?

    @jaymonkey Thanks for the quick answer, will order the Azurewave card.:) I am using Chimera at the moment but wanted to switch to Clover anyways.
  2. Shellficious

    Yosemite's Handoff with Half-Height Mini-PCIe Card?

    Hey everyone, is there any half-height bluetooth card that supports OS X Yosemite's Handoff/Continuity feature? All I found are normal PCIe cards and my only PCIe slot (Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI) is taken by my graphics card.
  3. Shellficious

    Link Aggregation on Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI

    Hello everyone, since my motherboard (GA-Z87N-WIFI) has two ethernet ports I thought I'll use both with Link Aggregation. The ports are working if I use them separately, however, when I want to pair them with Link Aggregation a message pops up saying the Link Aggregation uses a self-assigned IP...
  4. Shellficious

    Triple Monitor Setup?

    Hello, I'm planning on building a Hackintosh with a triple screen setup. My goal was to use a GeForce GTX 660 Ti and use both of its DVI ports (one with Dual Link). I've heard somewhere that you can only use two monitors simultaneously in OS X, is that true?