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  1. voidfahrenheit

    My First G5!

    finally someone making a G5 mod with the MSI Titanium <3
  2. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II

    thank you so much for the words ^___^
  3. voidfahrenheit

    Rickyreall84's G5 Noir et argent

    so you only have fans at the back of the radiator? how did you put the double sided tape? on the side of the radiator? i am puzzled how i will put my xtx240 rad at the front without eating so much space. wow i have that tape maybe i can use it.
  4. voidfahrenheit

    Rickyreall84's G5 Noir et argent

    i love it!!! :D hows the temp with the 3 rads? and i'm thinking of using the DDC pump because of height/space issue with the D5. but I like how the D5 performs. hows the DDC pump? everything is well executed. very nice cabling. sexy bends :) the sli 1070 <3 im thinking of getting a 1080 coz I...
  5. voidfahrenheit

    New Hackintosh (newbie)

    what is your budget? and what do you do always?
  6. voidfahrenheit

    Is anyone interested?

    this will be interesting... :) i'm sending my 980ti classified to my brother. i might go 1070 or 2pcs 980ti msi gaming 6g XD btw, the 980ti sli that i mentioned just cost 1 1070 XD
  7. voidfahrenheit

    Rickyreall84’s G5 Yin Yang build

    thanks bro. i checked your log again and found out that you didn't use push/pull for the front rads. i think i can put my radiator back in front of my G5. :)
  8. voidfahrenheit

    Rickyreall84’s G5 Yin Yang build

    hey ricky, i honestly don't know how you managed to put the radiator and reservoir in front without hitting the gpus T_T
  9. voidfahrenheit

    Rotten Apple G5 Case Mod

    hey lee sorry for the OT can you give me open file of your logo? XD i love it. hehehe!
  10. voidfahrenheit

    Is anyone interested?

    i will follow your update bro :D
  11. voidfahrenheit

    How to refill the G5 Quad Water Cooling circuit?

    you can use distilled water / battery water. i also have a very good working condition Power Mac G5. it's now modded. XD sold the parts same price I bought the whole G5. hehehe!
  12. voidfahrenheit

    Pi Mac Pro Hackintosh

    so it's only using iGPU instead of a dedicated gpu? :(
  13. voidfahrenheit

    First Mod g5 windows left.

    i think what you mean is you made the G5 same orientation of the standard ATX Case. :D
  14. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II - Project: G5-S.H.I.E.L.D

    Update: 9-19-2016 Raid 5 setup but the real update is... When I received an iMac...and here's what I did! :D The day my G5 meets an iMac. Power iMac G5 2016 XD hehehe! Windows 10 with hackintosh osx el capitan dual boot... but now... Osx El Capitan on iMac. I'm using the iMac as...
  15. voidfahrenheit

    Intel i7 6700 Skylake CPU + 100 series motherboard into iMac 27" mono block

    Hi Vovanych0! I am thinking of the same as my boss gave me his defective iMac 2009. still wanna know if it's really defective or only HDD problem. If I confirmed that the board is the main problem, then I'll just follow what Neilhart said...I'll use it as a target display for my G5 mod. but...
  16. voidfahrenheit

    Black'n Gold PowerMac G5 MOD (SSI-EEB)

    +1 really nice color combination. glad that someone made a gold + black mod. i was thinking of this color combination before sanoayyk because of the new macbook pros with gold color but was afraid to do it coz of the peripherals that i need to use with it. really like what you did :D how...
  17. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II

    woah! 1920x1200 is the resolution im using at work. with my Dell U2412M. i hope i can go back to 60hz coz if yes...i will sell my Asus VG278HE and use the iMac 2009 as monitor :D did you get the 1070 sli?
  18. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II

    hi rick! you can see the new reservoir on page 3. regarding the new gpus from nvidia, I'm not thinking of changing my 980ti for now. maybe i will wait for another Ti. 2 1070s will be more than enough for your build. Honestly if i don't have the 980ti i will go for the new gpus too. what I...
  19. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II

    1 is correct. for question #2 what dave of laserhive did was different. he still kept the border to put the epoxy. that was his instruction when i asked for help. but i removed that border you highlighted in green 'coz i used a magnet to secure the side panel.
  20. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II

    Hi sorry for the late answer. I used a jigsaw and filers to cut and correct the corners. I then used clear epoxy to glue the tempered glass. I also used a magnet to secure the window panel.