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  1. zappy39

    Low Metal Score at fresh boot with "Pro" SMBIOS, could you try?

    No I get same metal score after sleep no difference this on z690 MacPro7,1 rx 6900 spoofed
  2. zappy39

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    Good metal score dude well don good luck....
  3. zappy39

    Asus Z690 ProArt Creator WiFi (Thunderbolt 4) + i7-12700K + AMD RX 6800 XT

    gandem make sure that your EFI kext reads/radeon sensor kext > before SMCRadeonGPU.kext
  4. zappy39

    Beginners Guide to using OC Auxiliary Tools App (Also known as OCAT)

    yes I too was a early user of OCAT now it is my open core update tool Kext update tool. great to see it been recognised :headbang:
  5. zappy39

    ROM/mac address

    you need to find the one from your Ethernet Mac address... can be found in bios or windows sometimes written in manual like this 1b:69:7a:6f:e0:ad= Mac rom Address would be > 1B697A6FE0AD
  6. zappy39

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    yes just noticed the disable-agdc it needs to be removed. and yes is brgo ssdt was not been seen. so for safe measure is brgo ssdt was deleted and replaced with mine which is the same and copied my device properties glad its working
  7. zappy39

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    Made some Alterations to your EFI to try
  8. zappy39

    AirDrop not working-Ventura 13.0.1-OC 0.8.7

    yes Airdrop will see your iPhone Mac iPad but sadly you can't send files across any.
  9. zappy39

    Gigabyte B550 Vision D (Thunderbolt 3) + AMD Ryzen 7 3700X + AMD RX 5600 XT

    Try reinstalling your BIOS as it seems like a BIOS corruption.
  10. zappy39

    macOS 13.0.1 Update

    All ok now Intel Nuc10
  11. zappy39

    Update Directly to macOS Ventura

    yes same here 2.2.0 airportitlwm slow to connect
  12. zappy39

    Does Ventura’s sleep/wake cycle Work with Thunderbolt 4 Dock

    Could be a option in BIOS for wake from Thunderbolt worth a try...
  13. zappy39

    13.0.1 System Update size is 11.28GB?

    I had the same happen on my Nuc10. the update is 493.5mb but if that doesn't work than its 11.28GB.
  14. zappy39

    How can I find the AAPL,slot-name of my GPU?

    open Hackintool click on PCIe at the top than click Export at bottom this will put 4 files on desktop you need to open the file called pcidevices.plist in propertree or other editor this will show you all the Device Paths.
  15. zappy39

    Continuity Web Camera

    I only clicked the FaceTime app to see if it worked as long as its in magic pose it works.i don't use FaceTime at all
  16. zappy39

    Continuity Web Camera

    make sure your phone is in magic pose position. on a stand or held still that's the only way I got continuity to work
  17. zappy39

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    looks like the device properties device id not been spoofed from 73af to 73bf try your config again I changed the device id to 73bf
  18. zappy39

    Monterey and Gigabyte 6900XT, no HW Acceleration.

    it has to be spoofed so AF becomes BF you need to use SSDT-BRG0 and Device properties to spoof AF to BF try starting Here or try my ssdt-BRG0
  19. zappy39

    Monterey and Gigabyte 6900XT, no HW Acceleration.

    You need to spoof device-id try this config its your config I altered device properties