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  1. jmpa

    Jmpa's Mini Build Deluxe: i7-6700 | H170N-WIFI | GTX 950

    Jmpa's Mini Build Deluxe: i7 6700 | H170N-WIFI | GTX950 Components GIGABYTE GA-H170N-WIFI Motherboard INTEL...
  2. jmpa

    Wifi + bluetooth card for h170n

    Hi, There are any card that works oob in Sierra to replace in gigabyte h170n? In buyers guide there are nothing about that cards. Thanks in advance!
  3. jmpa

    HD3000 and HD4000

    Multibeast 6.0 changed GraphicsEnabler=No and added IGPEnabler=Yes So on Mavericks, for intel hd 3000/4000 I need to set GraphicsEnabler=Yes and added IGPEnabler=No, right? (I am reading the forum and all people looks still use =No..)
  4. jmpa

    Jmpa's Mini Build: i3 3225 | H77N-WIFI | HD4000

    Jmpa's Mini Build: i3 3225 | H77N-WIFI | HD4000 Components Apple OS X Mountain Lion @ Mac Apps Store GIGABYTE GA-H77N-WIFI LGA 1155 INTEL I3-3225 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA...
  5. jmpa

    Mac Pro sudden shut down

    Hey, I have 2 Mac Pro 8 core. One of them sudden shuts down. If I open skype it automaticly shut down. If i run geekbench it shutdown immediately. I tried a lot of things with no success. I installed istat menus 4 in my both same Mac Pro... All the values are almost the same, same...
  6. jmpa

    i3 3225 or i5 3570k and lian li pc-q09

    Hi, I already have that case with external psu 120w and want to build a mini itx hackintosh. This Psu is enough for the following spec or I should buy i3 3225? gigabyte z77n-wifi...
  7. jmpa

    Monitor 22-23

    Hi, My apple cinema display 20 don't work with uefi bios and I also need to buy a new one. Under 200 euros, which monitor do you recommend? I am thinking in Dell U2312HM. Is good? Comparing to my apple I will get worst?
  8. jmpa

    CMOS checksum error - 10.7.4 sleep issue

    Hi, When my system goes to sleep, next time i boot it appears the bios error - CMOS cheksum error - after update from 10.7.3 to 10.7.4. I already did on multibeast 4.6.1 AppleHDA Rollback and Patched AppleHDA ALC889 but the problem keeps happen. Any solution? Thanks in advance z68xp-ud3 -...
  9. jmpa

    PowerMac G4 mod

    Hi, I have a powermac g4 case. I already disassembly it. Now I need some help: Where can I find the holes to fix motherboard? What's the easiest solution about the IO shield? And about the air flow? It just have one fan I think it isn't enouth. How to make a good air flow without damage to...
  10. jmpa

    MicroAtx or ATX?

    Hi, I already have a z68ma-d2h-b3. But now i want to build a powerfull pc. It will have i7 2600k, hd6870, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz, ssd samsung 830. Now the doubt is. Buy a gigabyte z68 atx or microatx? What is the most stable? In z68ma lion works almost perfect, but i had some freezes and kernel...
  11. jmpa

    Blu-ray working!!

    Hi, I bought a samsung sh-B083 in sale at 29 euros and just for curious i tried it in my customac. And i am really surprised. It work so well, cd, dvd, and blu-ray with that software: :o :o It do more than a real apple computer :D What more I need to try to be...
  12. jmpa

    "You need to restart your computer. Hold down.." error lion

    Hi, Everything is working great, but in 3 days I had this message 2 times: ... 110982.jpg kernel.log: Feb 28 13:49:28 localhost kernel[0]: Sound assertion ""ERROR: EFI ROM did not publish 'hda-gfx' associative property!\n"" failed in...
  13. jmpa

    Mouse Problem

    Hi, Hackintosh is working fine, really fast. My rig is: i3 2105 hd3000 Gigabye Z68MA-D2H-B3 SSD crucial M4 4gb 1600mhz ddr3 G.Skill But my mouse jumps!! I already try another mouse, wired, wireless, and it happen on all. Really bad because i want that for CAD :( kernel.log: Feb 26 03:14:52...
  14. jmpa

    i3 2105 + z68ma-d2h-b3

    Hi, I did the Install Mac Os Lion using USB bootable, but when i boot the apple logo appears but the loading stops... What i am doing wrong? BIOS Version is F9. I am using SSD crucial m4 64gb connected at white Sata 1. -v shows: ... 12351.jpg/ Thanks...