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  1. carpentryplus25

    Apple TV gen 4 screen savers for macOS

    I thought I would share a cool screen saver I found using the same aerial screen savers used on the fourth gen Apple TVs. So without further a due. Here is the link to the GitHub project.
  2. carpentryplus25

    Guide How to Patch AMD Framebuffers for High Sierra using Clover

    So if you recently installed High Sierra and have an AMD graphics card and were greeted at the end of the installation with black screens and Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext wasn't able to resolve it, then try patching the framebuffer that corresponds to your graphics card to try resolving it...
  3. carpentryplus25

    Updated EFI Mounter V3 renamed to EFI MountianShow

    Update: 2016-12-23 I did a bit of clean up so it would work more fluid on systems with multiple disks Hi I decided to update the EFI Mounter V3 to include show hidden files so I wouldn't need to have to multiple applications any how credits are of course due so here they are. Created by Koen2X...
  4. carpentryplus25

    Clover Patches for working PCI sd card reader(Work in Progress)

    For a long time apple has always used USB SD card reader devices. For this reason there is little support for PCI sd card readers. Within the past two years or so apple has included driver to support one PCI sd card reader with the following Broadcom device pci14e4,16bc. I am mainly interested...
  5. carpentryplus25

    El Capitan audio

    For those who wish to have audio in El capital public beta it will require some patching of AppleHDA.kext then booting the system with rootless=0 and kextdevmode=1 before installing the patched AppleHDA.kext to /S/L/E or the patched AppleHDA.kext will not be installed to /S/L/E then rebooting...
  6. carpentryplus25

    Guide to make a bootable Recovery HD partition for clover

    Guide to make a bootable Recovery HD partition for clover should also work for chimera Update log 6/21/2015 Added changes for Yosemite and clean up sorry for the delay I've been busy 1/22/2016 Added changes for El Capitan and clean up sorry for the delay Hi For those of you who wish to...