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  1. ccmdav

    Do you own a real Mac?

    Currently have a Sandy Bridge MacBook Air, with a cracked glass trackpad courtesy of my then-one-year-old child, who stepped on it. I've owned MacBook Pro 13 and 15", the white MacBook, the first Mac Pro, a Power Mac G5, a Titanium PowerBook G4, and the first all-white iBook. When I lived with...
  2. ccmdav

    Quiet build for Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt: i7-4790K - Asus Z97-A - HD4600

    Great setup. I also have this Fractal Case, in my recording space, and found the stock fans to be perfectly acceptable. I have them and my Corsair H60 liquid cooler, as well as radiator fan, hooked up to an NXZT Sentry fan controller (one of the few without a frivolous multicolored LCD...
  3. ccmdav

    [SUCCESS] El Capitan 10.11 Clover | GA-Z68x-UD3H-B3 | AMD 6870 | 2600K

    I have the same board as the OP, but have UEFI U1h, a Sapphire Radeon 6670, and an i7-2700K. I had a solid Chimera installation with Yosemite under UEFI, but every attempt I have made to install El Capitan works at first (only with EIST and USB3 disabled, as well as XMP Profile 1 enabled in...
  4. ccmdav

    Name the Next OS X (10.12)

    I'm going with Monterey or Mojave. Though Oxnard was pretty cool when Federighi suggested it. :thumbup:
  5. ccmdav

    OS X 10.11.2 Update

    Searching through this thread, and the OP, I am surprised that there is no mention of any additional Skylake compatibility. Does anybody have any word on this?
  6. ccmdav

    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems

    I might catch hell for this... After looking at that grotesque list of problems and solutions, and after wrestling on-and-off with my Sandy Bridge hack for the last four years, I think the time may have come for me to call it quits and just get a legitimate Apple machine. The main reason I got...
  7. ccmdav

    OS X 10.9.2 Update

    Tonymac, what is meant by "incomplete" X79/C606 support? As well as "initial" (if anything other than the obvious first attempt)?
  8. ccmdav

    What will Apple do with Macs and OS X in 2014?

    More than a few rumor sites claim that 10.10 is codenamed OS X Syrah, after the variety of grape that is popular in California red wines. OS X Mavericks was codenamed Cabernet, so I guess they have a thing for grapes...
  9. ccmdav

    2013 Mac Pro Announced at WWDC

    It's amazing how many people out there honestly think that Apple is so out of touch that they would completely ignore the needs of their professional users and design something solely to amuse themselves. I am convinced that they are concerned about longevity and making their users happy. I...
  10. ccmdav

    2013 Mac Pro Announced at WWDC

    I can't tell you how many audio and video rigs with the old tower that look exactly like that... Let's not forget, the Mac Pro only had 3 extra drive bays and four expansion slots. That was not enough for many people.
  11. ccmdav

    2013 Mac Pro Announced at WWDC

    Finally, someone who speaks English. I couldn't agree more. Some more things to consider: 1. This is APPLE people. Period. Exclamation point! Apple is about being the first to leave established technology in the dust in favor of what comes next. At this point in their company development, they...
  12. ccmdav

    OS X 10.8.1 Update

    Just out of curiosity, I did the update on my MacBook Air (have yet to do it on my GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3/i7-2700K), and it took 25 minutes after reboot. Weird.