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  1. sanyi83

    Old Laptop - High Sierra

    I am trying to download High Sierra to put it onto an old mac laptop. The apple store won't let me download it because I am in Ventura. Or it is telling me that is not available? Does anyone know where I can get an install High Sierra File
  2. sanyi83

    Gigabyte Z490 Vision D (Thunderbolt 3) + i5-10400 + AMD RX 580

    Where can I get the kext? The link is broken and Ventura doesnt have it. AppleIntelI210Ethernet.kext
  3. sanyi83

    World of Warcraft High Latentency WiFi

    Is there a way to fix this? I cant run an ethernet cable. I am running the Fenvi WIFI card should, it is showing as AC.
  4. sanyi83

    macOS Ventura is Now Available From the Mac App Store

    Smooth update for me first updated to 12.6.1 then went to Ventura. I'm on OC 0.8.5 OCAT has made updating OC very easy.
  5. sanyi83

    Intel Graphics cards

    I am curious if this could work in a Hackintosh. Has anyone put thought into it?
  6. sanyi83

    Wifi Cards 6E

    My annoyance came when bluetooth didnt work.
  7. sanyi83

    Wifi Cards 6E

    Where does it say that? I have read the whole page on amazon.
  8. sanyi83

    Wifi Cards 6E

    I am looking for a new wifi card that is faster. I saw this one but it is only for windows. Archer TXE75E. Any Ideas?
  9. sanyi83

    << Solved >> Z390 Aorus Pro Open core issue

    I edited the first post to make it more clear sorry for not having all the info initially.
  10. sanyi83

    << Solved >> Z390 Aorus Pro Open core issue

    I am not sure what the issue is. This is for my sister's computer Mobo: Z390 Aurous Pro Graphics: Saphire RX580 CPU: I7-8700k Any help would be wonderful. thank you
  11. sanyi83

    macOS 12.3 Update

    The update went fine, had to disable the onboard NIC for the system to boot with the Update. Changed the boot argument and now onboard Ethernet is working again.
  12. sanyi83

    Tried to update to 12.3, now have kernel panic

    I also tried dropping the "dk." and my system boots to the login window only to panic and reboot.
  13. sanyi83

    Updated to 12.3 using OC 0.7.9 and KP

    I am getting a KP and can't get the system to load this is the panic I am getting. It appears the dock is causing the problem. Any idea how I can fix this?
  14. sanyi83

    New Crash report Monterey 12.0.1

    I don't know what could be causing this. Any ideas?
  15. sanyi83

    12.0.1 Monterey Crashing

    I removed it and put the boot command in and haven't had any new crashes so far. All seems to be going well.
  16. sanyi83

    12.0.1 Monterey Crashing

    I am still getting a random crash when the computer is going to sleep I think. Here is the recent crash report. Any thoughts on what this could be?
  17. sanyi83

    12.0.1 Monterey Crashing

    I apologize for the misleading header that was my mistake. I changed it. I do have my usbmap.kext in place. I have a broadcom card as well.
  18. sanyi83

    12.0.1 Monterey Crashing

    Thank you for the reply. I will do a compare in a bit but before it crashes again here is my Config. Also I am using an M.2 860
  19. sanyi83

    12.0.1 Monterey Crashing

    I just updated to 12.0.1 with no issues, and it appears that some of the updated KEXT files are causing the problem. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to resolve the crash? This is happening in Safari, Firefox, mail.
  20. sanyi83

    G613 no Command key

    Tested it out in windows and the button doesn't work in Windows either. Good thing I got through Amazon I'm getting another one I hope that one works