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  1. ar13

    Fermi Freezes with EVGA GeForce GTS 450 - Help!

    ATI RADEON XFX HD6870 double Dissipation 1gig/ddr5 Model no. HD-687a-zd/ Part no. HD-687a- zdfc
  2. ar13

    XFX 6870 flashed bios now I am have a white screen

    My 6870 XFX works OOB in 10.6.8 and 10.7.2........ no flash needed !
  3. ar13

    Fermi Freezes with EVGA GeForce GTS 450 - Help!

    Change your Video Card ! jaja I had that Card and it was a real Pain to work in 10.6.8 [ can't change resolution ] and in 10.7.2 it works ''Half OOB'' because in Cinebench , Gave me around 12 points or so that is too low ! compared to a 240gt[ 24 points] and a 6670[ 48 points] an another one...
  4. ar13

    USB Wireless that works natively?

    Hi , yes there are a lot of USB dongles that will work with Hackintosh , i have tried lots of them , but the one that worked really good for me is D-Link dwa 140 by far the best choice , i also have a DWA 110 [ works really good also ] a Tenda USB w311u , Air link 101 [ did'nt like that ] You...
  5. ar13

    Problem with HD6670

    Hi Cheetaa ! would you mind sharing your ''Extra'' folder and the Mod. ATI6000.kext ? Thnx !
  6. ar13

    Problems with ATI Sapphire 6870

    I have a XFX 6870 black 1 gig, and a Saphire 6670 , the XFX6870 works OOB no frame buffers, dual monitors and DVD, Geekbench works as it should, but the i think i will sell that card... don't know yet.. with one monitor DVI [ pithecia ] works excellent , or with [ Ipomoea] HDMI...
  7. ar13

    Best OOTB Nvidia w/ CUDA for Snow Leopard?

    Yeap, XFX 6870 1 gig ddr5, is working really good in 10.6.8 which is the one that i prefer by far, and also works in 10.7.2 OOB, as i said before No FrameBuffers , just GE=Yes !
  8. ar13

    Best OOTB Nvidia w/ CUDA for Snow Leopard?

    I have a 240 [ i know is not that powerfull ] but works OOB ! I had a 450 and can't change resolution No matter what [ only in 10.7.2] but i use 10.6.8 , the one i can recommend is XFX 6870 1 gig, i just got that card and worked OOB, no frame buffer needed !
  9. ar13

    Sapphire 6870 recognised as 6xxx - No DVD Player or Steam

    Hi i just got a ATI 6870 XFX 1gig, and worked OOB no FB needed , i had a nvidia 240 which worked OOB too , Dual Monitors DVD And Geekbench Working, excellent Cards for Hackintosh ! BUT........ i also had a 5670 saphire ,and right now i have in another Hack with a 6670 Saphire which i change...
  10. ar13

    [Success] GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 - Core i5-2500k - Gigabyte HD6670

    Do you have dual Monitors? Does GeekBench,DVD works without crashing? I have another Hack with a 6670 , and if use Framebuffer Pithecia , DVD, GeekBench and the most important Software for me ''Ableton Live'' works without crashing in my DVI monitor , but just on that monitor..... if i use...
  11. ar13

    Is a GTS 450 really that bad?

    You mean VLC running in background.... all the time?....... i try'd to install the drivers/kexts from 10.7.2 to 10.6.8 and it is getting there, but..... lots of weird artifacts and just one monitor [ i use 2 ] so it is not a solution... Right now i am in only one resolution [ with the...
  12. ar13

    Is a GTS 450 really that bad?

    Are you running it in 10.6.8? how? what kexts? , i know that in 10.7.2 works perfect, but i use 10.6.8, i just got one, i love my old 240gt ,but i just got the 450gt and i want it to work as it sholud, thnx!
  13. ar13

    A working P8P67 Dsdt, Please?

    Thnx , but i still need a Working DSDT for Asus p8p67 [ just for the sleep enabler.. ]
  14. ar13

    [SOLVED!!!] Dead Firewire problem after sleep/wake up.

    **** ! i just change my Z68x ud4 b3 for a Asus p8p67 because of this problem ! and now i have a new problem...... no sleep enabler, at all with this board !! ..... But i remember with the Z68 ud4 b3 , not only the firewire did'nt wake up ,also the USB did'nt wake up, had to un-connect and then...
  15. ar13

    PCI WLAN Adapter

    They don't work with i7 ! i had the 556 and now i have the tp link 851 sitting doing nothing... i use a USB wireless d link 110..
  16. ar13

    A working P8P67 Dsdt, Please?

    Hi , i sold my ::Old:: Hack Z68 ud4 b3 , and i got a Asus Mobo , never had Asus before, it is a really good mobo the boot is faster than the gigabyte , but i still have the sleep problem i need a working dsdt, i made one via terminal, and did not work ,i made another one via dsdt auto patcher...
  17. ar13

    Can You really work with your hackintosh?

    strange...... my hack is way more stable, Powerfull and quiet'er than my MacBookPro i7 quadcore with 8 gigs of ram and a 500 gigs 7200rpm Hd.... and i use it for Studio recording.. i use LogicPro 9.15, Ableton Live 8.2.5 and DP 7.24....
  18. ar13

    Onboard Firewire not working on Sandy Bridge Hackintosh

    Strange.... mine works, i use a Motu Interface and a FW H.D [ i have it Partitioned in 2 ] in a USB2/FW case and works without any problems....... perhaps is your h.d. case....
  19. ar13

    TP link TL-WN951n

    Thnx, but its not working for me...... perhaps is becuuse i have a 2600k? or my Pci wireless in not V2.1 [ mine is V.2.0 ] TL-Wn851n
  20. ar13

    TP link TL-WN951n

    I just got a Wn851n and it's not working. Did you got yours working on i7 ? [ i have a i7 2600k] , would you mind sharing the Kext with the mod. that you did? Thnx !!