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  1. faithie999

    laptop reboots upon wake

    when I push the power button to wake the computer, the backlight flashes for an instant then the computer reboots. attached are problem reporting files.
  2. faithie999

    [solved] need help with one DSDT error

    I'm cleaning up my extracted dsdt in preparation for applying a couple of small patches for I2C. there is a premature end of file error about 1/3 way thru the dsdt. thanks in advance for the help ken
  3. faithie999

    can probook 440 G4 screen be upgraded to 1920x1080?

    Newegg has a 7th gen probook 440 G4 at a decent price, but only 1366x768 screen. lists a 1920x1080 screen. back in the early probook hackintosh days, I did an upgrade to 1080 (also required a dual-link cable). does anyone know if this is feasible? thanks
  4. faithie999

    backlight goes out at end of boot sequence

    HP Envy 15t, i7-k000, i7-4710HQ, HD4600, Sierra 10.12.4 last night I closed the lid to put the laptop to sleep. after several minutes, sleep had not kicked in. I opened the lid and the screen was black. I pressed a few keys, pressed the power button, but to no avail. I forced power off...
  5. faithie999

    sidebars in messages and mail graying out in laptop HD4600

    Envy 15t-k000, i7-47 HD4600, 12gb this problem has occurred, infrequently, since i upgraded to Sierra (10.12.1) several months ago. since updating to 10.12.3 a few weeks ago, it has been occurring much more frequently. the symptom is that at a random time after a cold start, reboot, or wake...
  6. faithie999

    SMBIOS sys definition that allows optical drive?

    i have an MSI H81M that under el capitan enabled the optical drive to show up in system profiler. i upgraded to sierra and now the optical drive is never recognized. i am using iMac14,2, which i know didn't include an optical drive. what system definition are folks using in order to use...
  7. faithie999

    Zotac 9300-itx won't sleep with usb in use

    i installed sierra 10.12.1 on my zotac 9300-itx with core 2 duo E8400 cpu, GT720 graphics. everything works properly, except it won't sleep if there are any devices (even keyboard or mouse) plugged into any usb port. if i select Sleep from the apple menu, the screen goes dark, but the cpu...
  8. faithie999

    problem installing Nvidia web drivers (installer says os version wrong)

    I've done a fresh install of 10.12.1, booting legacy with clover 3922. I was able to boot by selecting "VESA only" from the clover boot options. I downloaded the 10.12.1 installer from nvidia's web site. when I run the installer the message is "Mac OS X version not compatible". yes, I...
  9. faithie999

    clover legacy dual boot; Win partition not on clover screen

    I'm helping a friend do a clean install of Win10 on his el cap system. it was previously successfully booting el cap and win10 but the windows install became infected. I haven't done a legacy dual boot in several years and I have lost my touch. we erased the windows partition using disk...
  10. faithie999

    still waiting for root device: DSDT problem?

    Dell Vostro 3450 i5-2410M HM67 chipset Clover v3911, UEFI HD3000 and radeon graphics. i have set the Primary Display Selection in BIOS to IGD. in "PEG Port Configuration" i have disabled Always Enable PEG, disabled PEG X1 mode, and disabled PEG ASPM. following rehabman's guide to...
  11. faithie999

    need help with one ssdt compile error

    i am just starting in on a Dell Vostro 3450. i extracted tables using clover F4. i disassembled following rehabman's instructions, importing external arguments. i have cleaned up all errors except one in ssdt-7.dsl. i thought i should fix the errors before doing any patching. this is the...
  12. faithie999

    E6420 USB ports non functional after update to Sierra

    E6420, i5-2520M this laptop was running yosemite. i cloned the HD to a spare HD. i updated my USB "boot helper" stick for Sierra, adding the latest rehabman voodooPS2 kext. i downloaded install macOS Sierra to the app folder on the spare HD, and booted into yosemite. i then ran the install...
  13. faithie999

    Success installing Sierra over El Capitan

    Hardware: MSI B75A-G43, i5-3570K, HD4000, Clover bootloader i formatted a spare HD (GPT) and cloned my El Capitan partition to it. then i copied /EFI from the efi partition on the working disk to the efi partition on the spare disk. then i downloaded the latest Clover (3773) and updated...
  14. faithie999

    [solved] Trackpad preference pane is blank

    Envy 15t-k000, i7-4710HQ, MacBookPro11,2 system definition Sierra public beta 4 everything (except audio which i havent worked on yet) is working as expected including the trackpad, but... tap-to-click not functioning, as i expect when a new system is installed. i normally go to the trackpad...
  15. faithie999

    Sierra supported Core 2 Duo processors?

    i have googled unsuccessfully for a list of core 2 duo's that support sierra. specifically, will either of E6750 E7300 or E7600 support sierra? thanks
  16. faithie999

    FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext for id 0C0C

    Setup: MSI H81I i3-4170 6Gb HD4400 from RehabMan's github readme page about the FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext: The purpose is to provide support for unsupported HDAU (usually called B0D3, but renamed to HDAU to match what Apple expects) devices which provide HDMI-audio on...
  17. faithie999

    DVD drive disappears at random

    Envy 15t-k000, i7-4710HQ, MacBookPro11,2 system definition El Cap 10.11.1 after a cold startup or a restart my DVD drive works as expected. at a random time after startup (sometimes a few hours, sometimes a day) the DVD drive is no longer available and does not appear in System...
  18. faithie999

    SSDT error: Invalid object type for reserved name (_PSS: found Integer, Package required)

    (please ignore the build info in my signature) helping a friend install El Cap his machine: GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 i5-2500K extracted dsdt and a single ssdt named SSDT-0.aml using clover F4. disassembled both following rehabman's guide. getting the following ssdt errors when compiling...
  19. faithie999

    RehabMan laptop patch repository for El Capitan

    RehabMan: i am trying to solve the instant wake problem. i want to start by repatching my dsdt using your guide. i understand the problem has to do with new usb treatment in El Cap. i assume the usb patches in the repository are the latest ones that you recommend for El Cap. thanks for...
  20. faithie999

    HP Envy 15 K series and 10.11

    rehabman: back to fakepciid.kext. your method is working great for me with yosemite, but i can't get el capitan to boot. envy 15t-k0000, i7-4710u, HD4600. for yosemite, i have fakepciid.kext and FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext (along with fakesmc) in clover/kexts/10.10 i am using...