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  1. rushko

    Problem with FrontRow

    Guys, did any1 of u had any problems with Front Row? Since I've changed my mobo, When I try to acces Front Row / Movies, it sais "Your computer is not conneted to the internet", any clue?
  2. rushko

    Gigabyte P55-UD3 fried!

    Hi Guys, I was playing WoW on my hackintosh, all of a sudden, my keyboard stopped responding, in a few secs the screens went flashing and I felt the strange smell, something was burning! When I looked at the top of my case I saw smoke and before I reached to the PSU switch, the fire was burning...
  3. rushko

    nVidia GTS 250 - Workaround for HDMI problem

    Ok ppl, after a few months I've decided to solve the stupid HDMI problem with my GB GTS250. As we all know, since the 10.6.3 SL update, the HDMI output is useless for many of you with nVidia GTS 250, I would like to present you my workaround for this problem, it may not be useful for everyone...
  4. rushko

    Gigabyte GTS250 or 9800GT?

    I wonder has anyone tried to use NVEnabler64.kext with GTS250 and does it work? Any particular expirience with Gigabyte nVidia cards? Thanx.
  5. rushko

    Very strange problem

    My OSX is beaving strangly when screensaver activates, after few hours of inactivity, the screensaver freezes and hdd just don't stops and I cannot exit the screensaver, the only thing that I can do is to press restart button. Any idea? Sleep is off, don't know if it works, I didn't test it...