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  1. Max91

    [HELP PLEASE] Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Issues

    Today I upgraded from GT 740 to GTX 1050Ti. The 740 worked nicely but did not have DP connection for my Cinema Display. Up to this point I have been using a Gefen converter. First issue is signal loss after booting High Sierra. I searched and tried some the resolve posts, but no luck. Second...
  2. Max91

    Belkin Mini Bluetooth adapter works PERFECT! sorta

    Well, what I mean by "sorta" is I'm having a little issue with waking my machine via Trackpad. I took my time and researched the Bluetooth posts and acquired everything I needed. Studied Not Shy's guide carefully…….……? New Belkin Mini Bluetooth adapter…………? Built custom Kext……………………….....………...
  3. Max91

    Window Gem Location

    Can anybody tell me where to find the window gems in Lion? I could have sworn I have seen them once, but I can't remember what folder they where in. I changed my theme to graphite and don't really care for the color of the gems.
  4. Max91

    UniBeast WORLD RECORD!!!

    Try and beat this one! :headbang:
  5. Max91

    When all else fails...Change Batteries!

    I should qualify for the "Duh" Hall of Fame this year! I use Gear Head wireless mouse because there cheap, disposable, and they just work and feel good to me. I got a new one about a month ago and everything seem to work just fine. Wake from problem. Surf the problem...
  6. Max91

    Chimera.....User mod?

    Was just wondering if Chimera can be modded? What I would like to see is more than four OS's on the start screen. I have several OS's available, and the start screen is jumbled. Is there a way to fix this? Thanx!
  7. Max91

    Need a new HD....Will this one work?

    For now I have a WD "Green" that will not boot. I'm using an older Hitachi with 10.6.8 and instant menu to access the "Green" drive. I'm interested in this drive to use as a bootable main drive. Can anyone tell me if i'll run into the same problems? Thanx in advance