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  1. ijhu

    Stuck on boot after kext change and update

    try test using this string UseKernelCache=No along with your usual boot string
  2. ijhu

    What version of OSX is right for me?

    Snow Leopard or Lion will runs fine with 4GB RAM. Not sure where you heard that Lion is RAM hog, but based on my experience, it isn't and relatively the same between 2 versions. Depending on what you are planning to do with your system whether it is just a normal day to day system or for other...
  3. ijhu

    Some questions about "Hackintoshing"

    Give it a TRY... CPU = OK VGA = Ok ( MOBO = EasyBeast would be your option and no DSDT. (DSDT Patcher could be an option) AUDIO = Depend on audio codec, but voodooHDA can be used. Ethernet = Depends on Chip set, but they are replaceable with a...
  4. ijhu

    FRONT Microphone [success] with ALC892

    GA-P55-USB3 (rev2) ALC 892 - running OSX Lion 10.7.1 Previously I was using ALC8xxHDA.kext with AppleHDA.kext (rolled back version) along with DSDT and my audio is working including front panel headphone except for the front panel Microphone which has never worked. Finally my front panel...
  5. ijhu

    Sorry another sleep question

    You might have this setup already, but I am asking anyway. "did you have all 3 options select" under energy saver setting?
  6. ijhu

    [SOLVED] PCIe Lane Width: x8 showing (on a x16 slot)

    Anyone with GA-P55-USB3 Rev2 board out there? I have my Powercolor ATI 5770 on the x16 slot, but system profiler showing as PCIe Lane Width: x8 I've already removed and re-seated the card on the PCIe slot, but no luck...still show as x8
  7. ijhu

    [solved]Day time saving light? clock spring forward Anyone?

    OSX 10.6.6 and my clock is NOT springing forward. Can anyone confirm their clocks? Nevermind, i've over looked, it was my iphone spring forward 2hrs ahead , OSX is fine. Reboot iphone fixed issue.
  8. ijhu

    Compatible first build?

    460 GTX: some member got it to work, others don't. therefore it's your decision. Here's one with 460GTX card. Have a read through and determine if you want to proceed. viewtopic.php?f=81&t=11221
  9. ijhu

    Zotac H55itx-ae with i5 760 & ATI 5770 1gb ddr5

    Re: Leopard 10.6 Zotac H55itx-ae with i5 760 & ATI 5770 1gb ddr5 Have you setup your BIOS properly? These are the basics thing which has to be done first. AHCI HPET 64bit S3(STR) SATA ROM as first boot. HDD second boot. initiate -v (for verbose) -x (safe mode) then try PCIRootUID=1 ZOTAC...
  10. ijhu

    Need iboot disc to boot.

    Re: Accidentally checked all Multibeast options. Just my thought, don't take it seriously. Cause I do not know as I am not sure if re-run the combo update might not be a clean option. How about rerun combo update and apply multibeast with only selective options that you wanted? We should...
  11. ijhu

    Help with hanging install, i'm going insane.

    You are following this guide? during install, (28 mins left) any activity on the DVDROM showing content being read?
  12. ijhu

    Anyone with P55-USB3 Rev2 F8 with DSDT & SLEEP working?

    From what I know, not all DSDT in the database contains modified parameters for SLEEP feature. If you are selecting certain boards which MacMan and Tonymacx86 had modify the DSDT , then you are in luck. I am seeking for anyone out there which has the gigabyte P55-USB3 rev2 which has...
  13. ijhu

    Geforce 9500GT issue (help is appreciated)

    I have the following chronic problem in for a while and the problem seems to be more frequent these days. hopefully someone in the forum can provide suggestions/recommendation. ( I have gigabyte P55-USB3, Rev 2.0 bios = F8) Issue: In the past, 1 in every 4 reboot I end up with a BLUESCREEN...