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  1. Ranino

    Cannot update from 10.14 to 10.14.3

    Hiya I have been trying to update from 10.14 to 10.14.3 for a while now but without any luck. I even downloaded the combo and installed directly. It just installs, reboots and loads directly into 10.14 all over again. How can investigate what is happening? Thanks!
  2. Ranino

    Already on Mojave - I want to install Windows 10

    Hi all, I am already on Mojave (cannot install 10.4.1 patch for some reason but that does not matter now). I would like to install Windows next. I purchased another SSD and plugged it in but I am not sure what Guide to follow now? Thanks! Ranino
  3. Ranino

    [Solved] Sierra latest update - CR2 Error / Panic? [Solved]

    Hi I've literally just installed an update for Sierra because I was a bit lazy to upgrade to High Sierra. No idea what to do here. At all. It just loops around that, reboot and then this again. EDIT: I've researched and it's coming from AppleALC so it seems? EDIT2: I can boot with -x
  4. Ranino

    [SOLVED] New CustoMac Pro Machine (Only difference is ASUS AMD Radeon 480X STRIX Video Card)

    Hi I just finished building this machine. Set what I needed in the BIOS. Installation is not happening. I used -v in clover to see the errors. This is what I am getting. Attached screenshot. That's where it is stuck. Help please :-)