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  1. carl

    Help getting an old unsupported internal isight camera to work

    Hi. I have a OC Big Sur install on a 2008 24" imac case mod. The internal isight camera seems to be no longer supported, using USB connection. I've read that there is no longer a IOUSBFamily kext in big sur. Would it be possible to add this kext it in device property and work? Is there any...
  2. carl

    Weird mic audio issue

    Sierra upgrade went well. All works but discovered this annoying issue where the internal mic goes out randomly. No particular pattern. Most from what I've read it goes dead after sleep. Mine actually works after wake, that is it starts to work again after wake. Only the mic is affected...
  3. carl

    Help on display interface

    So I tried to get a laptop board in a 20” iMac G5 case. It’s an ultrabook type and very slim. I managed to get a spot for it. I was able to get like 75% completed. So came the big major test. When powering up I could not get it to display via HDMI output. After some painstaking trial and...
  4. carl

    imac G5 mod

    So, I have an imac G5 pre-isight model, basically dead for many years. It lasted literally 3 month past warranty. $1799, I will never forget the animated discussion with an apple rep. I would say that's where it all started for me, the interest in hackintosh. Anyways I have an inspiron 13z...
  5. carl

    How do you change clover bootloader icons

    Maybe a super noob question, but how in the world do you change the boot icons in clover to represent the true OS. Is it in the plist? The theme is bluemac, and the latest OS icons are there but it always puts up old mac and win icons.
  6. carl

    Brightness level

    I have a problem with brightness level going to max after reboot. It fine after sleep. I didn't have this problem in mav. Anyone had this problem and solved it?
  7. carl

    Black Screen after adding my patched DSDT

    Fixed! Black Screen after adding my patched DSDT So I figured out my initial black screen and panic cause was by igpenabler and aicpumanagement. I got it to boot 10.9.2 from disk finally. So of course I go and add my working patched dsdt after install upgrade so I can have audio, sleep but...
  8. carl

    Some questions regarding getting an Asus laptop to work

    Ok, so trying my luck on this laptop. Its an Asus model K55a. So swap a new drive so I don’t worry about messing the win one. Unibeast USB install for apple store ML 10.8.2 goes without an issue. Boot to USB and then go to desktop no issue. Installing bootloader and such from multibeast to...
  9. carl

    Help in error booting ML toshiba L875

    Hi can someone here help me in this error I get at boot. Installation was done using -x flag with unibeast stick. I could not get to install screen otherwise. I can get to desktop using same flag. From what I can read its appleintelsnbgraphics and appleintelcpumanagement timing out? Here is...
  10. carl

    help on an issue

    As anyone had any trouble exporting video from imovie to idvd or just exporting in general. Mine locks up all the time. Its kind of useless. When I say lock, I mean the whole screen freezes. I cannot do anything except press and hold the power button. The app works fine. It imports, makes...
  11. carl

    I movie freezes when exporting

    Hi all when I try export to idvd or using quicktime to export to something else, it goes for about 30 seconds and then it freezes. I have to do a hard shutdown. running 10.6.4. 10.6.2 had no issue. Anyone have same problem? thanks.