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  1. djs1718

    Lenovo G580

    Trying to setup this laptop but the guides I tried from Benjamin on github leaves it stuck on unsupported cpu/pch and kextd stall (0), (240s): 'IGPU. I'm using clover 2.4k_r4961. G580 specs are intel core i3 3220m, intel hd4000 no dgpu, 4gb of ram. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.
  2. djs1718

    Thinkpad T540p Big Sur Screen Goes Black After Verbose Mode?????

    I was able to setup big sur using opencore 0.6.4. But only getting 7mb for hd4600 i5-4300m, mines only have IGPU. I've tried every 3 port platform id for haswell laptops. Nothing works, when I tried one that I thought did work, the screen would go black. I've tried different framebuffer patching...