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  1. egotek

    Lion + WIN 7 - boot problem

    Please boomerang, confirm that your Wireless keyboard + mouse from logitech (k260) work well during the installation of mac os lion and windosw seven. I would be helpful.Thank you very much.
  2. egotek

    Radeon Sapphire 1GB DDR5 HD 6750

    Hey, look, I think it should work,tell me if it works.
  3. egotek

    ( Success ) Asus P8H67-M Pro-B3 - I7 2600K - HD3000 - 8GbRam

    Please rrrdog01. Do you work well this Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 100 Black? I want something like this for a dual windows 7 and mac os lion thanks. :headbang:
  4. egotek

    ¿keyboards and mouse that you use with your hakintosh?

    Hi guys .. need help to buy a keyboard and mouse that works well with hakintosh. And other than those of apple. Please put your experiencias.thank you very much.sorry for my English, use google translator.