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  1. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Ventura critter!

    Introducing the macOS Ventura critter, the 13th Critter in our series. The tonymacx86 Clover theme has also been updated.
  2. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Monterey critter!

    Introducing the macOS Monterey critter, the 12th Critter in our series. The tonymacx86 Clover theme has also been updated. Related:
  3. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Big Sur Critter!

    Introducing the macOS Big Sur critter, the 11th Critter overall. Related:
  4. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Catalina Critter!

    Introducing the macOS Catalina critter, the 10th Critter overall. Related:
  5. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Mojave Critter!

    Introducing the macOS Mojave critter, the first desert critter after a succession of 4 mountain-based critters, and the 9th OS critter overall. I was hoping when the name was announced that there'd be a cactus, but alas no. Maybe next year. Related...
  6. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS High Sierra Critter!

    Introducing the macOS High Sierra critter, the fourth in the series of mountain-based critters, and the 8th OS critter overall. At this rate we'll have an entire range soon. In keeping with the previous mountain critters, I decided to keep what popped out at me visually, which in this case was...
  7. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Sierra critter!

    Introducing the macOS Sierra critter, the third in the series of mountain-based critters, and the 7th OS critter overall. After much experimentation, I decided what was important was to get the colors and spirit of the Apple's original graphic. It also looks like it's hugging the mountain in...
  8. adamsmasher

    Introducing the El Capitan Critter!

    Introducing the El Capitan Critter- the latest in the series! I went through a couple versions, but ultimately decided on a variation of the Yosemite critter since El Capitan was basically the focal point of Yosemite. All it needed was the correct lighting to match Apple's great dusk photo, and...
  9. adamsmasher

    Playstation TV: play your PS4 remotely

    If you're like me, you love console games. An interesting wrinkle that occurs as you get older and have children, though, is that suddenly everyone wants to use the large television to play a game. Even if you have multiple consoles like my family (we have a PS4, PS3, and Wii U), you can only...
  10. adamsmasher

    Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 Works with Your Hackintosh

    Oculus VR's current development kit, Development Kit 2, is compatible not only with Windows and Ubuntu but also OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and higher. According to Oculus's FAQ for the DK2: Minimum Requirements A computer running a Windows 7 or Windows 8, Mac OS 10.8 or higher, or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS...
  11. adamsmasher

    Two new BBCODE options

    I've added two new BBCode options to make and use anchor tags which can be helpful when writing longer guides. The first is the following: some_anchor You would use that to create an anchor somewhere on your post that you will want to be able to skip to. Say you've got a section of your...
  12. adamsmasher

    Would you get an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus?

    The iPhone 6 and 6+ are out and available. Do you have a preference? Which would work best for you and why?
  13. adamsmasher

    FastTasks 2: Run Commonly-Used Terminal Commands Quickly From Your Menubar Here's the description from the site above: "At-a-glance display of key system info, quickly toggle hidden files, free memory, remove login items and create a super-fast RAM disk – just some of more than a dozen tasks that FastTasks accomplishes for you with...
  14. adamsmasher

    50 Bizarre Case Mods My personal favorites are the R2-D2 case, followed by the Toilet case. :lol:
  15. adamsmasher

    OS X 10.10 Yosemite unveiled at WWDC

    OS X 10.10 Yosemite was unveiled today at WWDC. It was also discovered and explored by the critters of tonymacx86. Watch it here!
  16. adamsmasher

    tonymacx86 Clover Theme

    Here's a tonymacx86 theme I made to use with Clover bootloader. To use, place extracted tonymacx86 theme folder in /EFI/Clover/themes. Then set config.plist to add GUI/Theme/tonymacx86 and for resizing GUI/ScreenResolution/1920x1080. Enjoy! EDIT: Updated 2015-09-29 for El Capitan v1.0...
  17. adamsmasher

    All New Videos Page: Share Your Videos With the Community

    We have added a brand new area to the site dedicated to promoting your tech-related videos. Share a video link from YouTube, and your video will be placed into the stream- it will show up in the main Activity Stream with all other posts, photos, and comments. Visit the new Videos Page Ideas...
  18. adamsmasher

    Download Valve's SteamOS this Friday, December 13th

    According to this article at The Verge, Valve is releasing Steam OS on December 13th. Those of you who are comfortable installing Linux will be able to dive into the new OS at the same time as those lucky souls who will be receiving Steam Boxes. The specs for Steam Boxes are very similar...
  19. adamsmasher

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. adamsmasher

    Use your PS4 controller with OS X

    Now that Sony has released the PS4, you now have another controller option to use with games. The new Playstation 4 controller is fully compatible with OS X and very easy to set up. Amazon US (CAN UK DE ES FR IT) Newegg The simplest way to connect and use it is to plug in via USB...