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  1. zangadao

    EFI OC 0.77 for Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X

    My EFI folder, if anyone needs. Z490 gaming X i9 10900k rx 580 8GB Shappire
  2. zangadao

    [SUCCESS] Big Sur / Opencore 0.6.3 / Z370XP SLI/i7-8700K/RX 580

    Man, just remove de SMBios info.. Simple!
  3. zangadao

    [SOLVED] iGPU Comet Lake 10900k

    OK! Messsage above ;-)
  4. zangadao

    [SOLVED] iGPU Comet Lake 10900k

    Shure! Has a some issues to solve, but i will post it :) NOTES: I'm used a imac 20,2 SMBIOS, but you need to add this line to the config with opencore configurator. AUDIO: Not tested. I'm using a USB 5.1 sound card with logitech speakers :cool: TB: Not tested (I don't have a optional board :()...
  5. zangadao

    [SOLVED] iGPU Comet Lake 10900k

    Thanks my friends!
  6. zangadao

    [SOLVED] iGPU Comet Lake 10900k

    Hi everyone. I try hard to make this igpu work, but i cant get any pixel :-( Someone can't help me? The system works very well, all USB, sound... but i cant make the igpu works (now I'm use a old nvidia to boot) My rig: Gigabyte z490 gaming X i9- 10900k 32 gb ram Catalina 10.5.7 OC 0.71 This is...
  7. zangadao

    The curse of UHD630 ghost

    I edited the original post and include this informations: Clover 5129 version, Lilu 1.52, Whatevergreen 1.4.9
  8. zangadao

    The curse of UHD630 ghost

    Hi everyone. My build is running very well, but some mysterious things happen: my igpu doesnt appear in System information> GraphicDisplay Tab, but appear in active monitor. VideoProc identify graphics acceleration in system, a render in premiere, both iGPU and GPU has full activity in graphics...
  9. zangadao

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

  10. zangadao

    GPU to drive three monitors?

    My RX580 powercolor works with three monitors. I have a Dell 24' 4k 10bits (in DP), Samsung 32" 4k 10 bits (DP) and Phillips TV 4k in HDMI.
  11. zangadao

    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    Waiting for rx580 :-)
  12. zangadao

    [Solved] Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Dual DisplayPort Not Working

    I has a dual display, with Dell 4k 8bit + A-FRC in displayport and a LG FullHD in HDMI, connected in a Powercolor reddevil rx580 8gb on Mojave install. So I change my old HDMI monitor to new one, a samsung 32"4k, with DP works with 8bit + A-FRC too (emulate 10 bits). On first, the monitor...
  13. zangadao

    Strange graphic card error

    So I try many times, download the files, follow the offline instructions and nothing, get the same error :-(
  14. zangadao

    Strange graphic card error

    So, if I set Injectintel=False, the iGPU doens't work, and get a 3 minutes errors and tries... :-/
  15. zangadao

    Strange graphic card error

    I'll try latter and post results. Thanks!
  16. zangadao

    Strange graphic card error

    Hi everyone! My build runs sweet (until now), and some strange (for me) happen. I'm adobe user, and today one partner comes here to edit one video on FCP. After install FCP, doesn't open UNTIL I disable the iGPU. I don't know what happens, because in videoproc says graphic acceleration is OK, my...
  17. zangadao

    Don't update to Catalina without SSD

    Hahahaha SSD Mode = Sata Speedy, not PCIe performance. Sorry about misunderstood
  18. zangadao

    Suggestions for enabling encoding acceleration

    Try this in Terminal defaults write gvaForceAMDAVCDecode -boolean yes defaults write gvaForceAMDAVCEncode -boolean yes defaults write gvaForceAMDKE -boolean yes defaults write gvaForceAMDHEVCDecode -bool YES to reset...
  19. zangadao

    Don't update to Catalina without SSD

    Except you buy a NVMe SSD Mode, in this case you brought a plane without wings hahahahahaha