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  1. rick26

    [Guide] HP 6200 Pro / 8200 Elite SFF Desktop - macOS Sierra / High Sierra Install Guide

    Quick question would you think the GTX 750 Ti would work too? if so the same way as the GT 1050 Ti?
  2. rick26

    [Guide] HP 6200 Pro / 8200 Elite SFF Desktop - macOS Sierra / High Sierra Install Guide

    Thank you so much for making this easy to follow guide! Got everything i want working with Mavericks on my HP 8200 with the MSI Gt710. Only the GT710 is shown as Nvidia chip model 2047. But thats the only thing. Rick,
  3. rick26

    My Modded Xbox 360

    True! It was my first mod ever i think i was 13-14 back then.
  4. rick26

    Sierra Desktop/Realtek AppleHDA Audio

    Awesome thanks! got my 1150 audio working again!
  5. rick26

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 working in 10.11

    Great work on getting the card to work! I bought the SB0240 version(looks the same as yours) and its working but only my speakers work i don't hear my subwoofer(which i connected through the port next to firewire) Rick,
  6. rick26

    G4^3 - thegyufi G4 Cube clone - 2014 - Build Log

    Oh my god you did an amazing job on this cube! I see where you get your inspiration from :D (the french blue&white cube) Do you have plans on painting the outer case? Rick,
  7. rick26

    My Mac Pro Hack

    Great looking mac pro man! Nice that you keep the original look to it. To give you a tip uhm maybe its cool to put some plastic glass into the mac pro pice that covers the cpu to that you can still look inside but still keep the airflow there. Rick,
  8. rick26

    Mod suggestion (?)

    Thanks but the g5 is nothing special it kinda failed haha. About the hdd case? well i only took out the inner stuff made a extra hole in in the back for the power and usb and screw it back in with the pcb board that came with my external hdd fits perfectly in there. this is the type i...
  9. rick26

    Mod suggestion (?)

    Hey I bought mine second hand for 40 euros (around 45 us dollar) I modified mine because the standard inside hardware had issues with recognizing more than 1 TB storage in windows sometimes. I was very lucky to find one at that price in my own neighborhood. Rick,
  10. rick26

    Void's First G5 Mod Build Log

    Ah yeah great job I love your color choice with the black logo!
  11. rick26

    Rotten Apple G5 Case Mod

    Wow! incredible job man it looks so perfect! And nice what you deed with that logo's on the side! I would love to have a G5 like this! Rick,
  12. rick26

    Vishaakje's iMac 20" mod

    Good to see that you fixed the graphic issue and that it was a easy to fix issue. when seeing more and more people doing this mod kinda makes me excited too do this too. Great job! (Goed gedaan!) Rick,
  13. rick26

    UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Article: UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC Nice guide Tonymac and everyone that worked on the programs and guides! And very fast upload! Great job guys! My Ga-Z77-DS3H i7 3770K and gtx660 are working perfect! Rick,
  14. rick26

    Do You Game on Your Hackintosh?

    Yes but only in Windows and play games like Skyrim and Oblivion and Transformers Fall of cybertron Far Cry 3 and soon Gta 5. And in Windows i have 10FPS more than in OSX. Rick
  15. rick26

    Would you get an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus?

    I would get the 6 Plus as soon as i have the money together :) Rick,
  16. rick26

    What's the oldest computer you use on a regular basis?

    Well I used this old thing when I was at my grandma's house 2 month's ago its still running great with a clean Windows 95 install. Its a Toshiba 480CDT. Rick,
  17. 20131006 124027917 iOS

    20131006 124027917 iOS

  18. 20131006 124429378 iOS

    20131006 124429378 iOS

  19. rick26

    Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT

    Nice job Jack! looks like everything works right out of the box! Rick,
  20. rick26

    Retro wooden hack

    Great job so far looks very nice! I love the retro design's specialy the little compact ones. Rick,