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  1. ar13

    A working P8P67 Dsdt, Please?

    Hi , i sold my ::Old:: Hack Z68 ud4 b3 , and i got a Asus Mobo , never had Asus before, it is a really good mobo the boot is faster than the gigabyte , but i still have the sleep problem i need a working dsdt, i made one via terminal, and did not work ,i made another one via dsdt auto patcher...
  2. ar13

    Reverting ''Extension Migration Tool'' ?

    Hi , how can i revert ''Extension Migration Tool'' in 10.7.1 , i like them as i was before, [ having the Hack extensions in the ''Extra'' folder, and not in S/L/E ] . In Multibeast i don't remember installing that feature .....or is a ''Default'' now??
  3. ar13

    Where is the ''Extensions'' folder , Now?

    Hi, i installed 10.7.1 with the latest Chimera , and a noticed that there is no ''Extencions'' folder , inside the ''Extra'' folder ..... where are they now? where are my kext's ????? I want them Back! [ but everything works... ]
  4. ar13

    Yes, on USB Chipset rt73, 2870, 3070 !

    Hi , i want to report that this USB Wireless Dongles work on 10.6.8 and 10.7.1, i ''was'' using a Alpha usb wireless with chipset 8187 in 10.6.8 , but didn't work in 10.7, so i got 3 Usb wireless dongles to test ... ''Airlink'' 101 wireless N , this one is really small ,but the signal is...
  5. ar13

    Chimera 1.5.4 Supported Video Cards ????

    Hi ! What are the Video Cards supported By Chimera 1.5.4 ??? the ones that i am interested are..... Nvidia 440 ,Nvidia 450, 460 , Nvidia 550 , 550ti , ATI [Gigabyte or asus ,only! ] 5770 , 6670 , 6770, 6850 , 6870 [ In ATI's i don't want to mess with Frame Buffer , i've had bad experiences...
  6. ar13

    What is the difference Between Chameleon and Chimera????

    Hi , What is the ''exact'' difference Between The Latest Chameleon and the Latest Chimera? which one supports more Graphic Cards? Perhaps is a dumb question, but i was asking to my self.............. thnx !
  7. ar13

    Asus p8p67 Or Gigabyte Z68 ud4 b3 ???

    Hi , right now i have a Z68 ud4 b3 , i am really happy with it besides the Wake up problem [ FW and USB won't wake up ] , i like to know if the Asus Mobo p8p67 has this problem?? i am using 10.6.8 and in other patition i use Lion .. thnx !!
  8. ar13

    possible to have 2 USB wireless at a time?

    Hi is it possible to have 2 wireless USB at the same time? what i want to do is.... have access to Internet in one USB wireless adaptor , and in the other USB Wireless Adaptor, connect via screen sharing to other computer, the thing is that i like to record Drums in the Drum Room with a Ibook G4...
  9. ar13

    Fw and USB ''Wake up'' problem in Gigabyte only??

    Hi, i Have like many other users, the P67 and Z68 Gigabyte Mobo , USB and FW ''Wake up problem'' , when the hack ''wakes up'' the USB and FW won't..... sucks ! what it be cool to know is how we can fix it ? , but my main question is..... is this only a Gigabyte problem, or ASUS mobo's are...
  10. ar13

    MBP=0 , Hack=10 ???

    Hi , i upgrade my MBP Core 2 duo 2.53ghz , 6 gigs of ram, and it gave me a Kernel Panic Screen , i had to do a New Fresh install , and this way it work'ed , but my hack , i just upgrade from 10.6.8 to 10.7 and worked since first try..... man... hacks are getting WAY better this days.....
  11. ar13

    All Graphic Cards That Work OOB in 10.6.8??

    Hi , which are All the Working OOB Video Cards ?? I have a Nvidia 240gt and it is FULL working in my X58 and X68 Gigabyte Mobo with graphic enabler=yes , i've had no luck with a ATI 5670 [ i had the DVD problem And Ableton Live won't Open] and with ''Uakari'' Fb. they work , but i can't use 2...
  12. ar13

    No DVD and no Geekbench......

    Hi i change my X58a ud3r/i7 950/Nv240gt , for a Z68z ud4/i7 2600k/Ati5670 , everything is working but.... i can't see no Movies [ Dvd is not working, and geekbench won't load ] any thoughts??? i read that many people is having this problem, but i don't know how to fix it ! thnx !!
  13. ar13

    No loading spinning ball in 10.6.8

    Hi , when the apple logo appears now in 10.6.8 , theres no loading spinning Ball , but it loads normal .... strange?? also it killed my dual monitor view , i do not have Mirroring, what should i do to have it back, i also installed the New cuda and Nvidia drivers and no luck , perhaps if i...
  14. ar13

    My hack boots in 10.6.8 but my Mbp Not...?

    Hi i upgrade my hack via combo update to 10.6.8 and everything went smooth besides audio [ no problem now ] but my MBP 2.53ghz , will not boot ??? strange is it??? Now i have to CCC it.........
  15. ar13

    Ati 5670 or Nvidia 450 for SB?

    Hi , which video card is better for Sandy bridge [ Asus p8p87 Mobo ] Ati 5670 or a Nvidia 450 ? thnx
  16. ar13

    How far can i OC a 2600k with a ud3?

    Hi , How far can i OC a 2600k with a Gigabyte p67a ud3 b3? i have a Thermal Take cooler Spin Qvt, thnx !
  17. ar13

    X58 or P67 ???

    Hi i am going to build my 5th Hack , i have been using Gigabyte X58a ud3r/ i7-950 with no problems at all, but i am going to build a new one for Audio and Video Apps. , and i know that SB is the new thing ! what to do ?? get the old trusty X58 ? or go to the new ****??
  18. ar13

    P67 or X58 for Audio Productions ?

    Hi right now i am very happy with my Hack, [ X58a ud3r/i7@3.6Ghz ] and i know that if i buy a SB p67 MOBO and a i7 2600k it will be faster, but..... i read that P67 SB is faster for gameing [ i don't do gameing ] but i want to know if is faster than X58, for audio apps.??? so it is worth the...
  19. ar13

    X58 a ud3r Equivalent to Sandy Bridge ?

    Hi i am thinking upgadeing my X58a ud3r MOBO to a Sandy Bridge MOBO and The i7 CPU for SB. I am very happy with my current MOBO but i know that in less than 6 months i am going to go the S.B way , which Gigabyte MOBO is like having a X58 a ud3r ? Thnx !
  20. ar13

    2 dsdt's = Half good

    Hi, i downloaded the new DSDT from for my MOBO X58a ud3r v2 [ FD ] and the ''NullCPUPowerManagement'' is way better than the one i downloaded from ''TonyMac'' [ also the FD bios version ] But when i put the Hack to sleep, when i wake up the Machine it restarts instead of waking...