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  1. Nald0z

    SSDTs or no SSDTs, that is the question

    Getting ready to do a direct upgrade to Big Sur from Catalina. Completed migration from Clover to OC 0.6.6. Everything working as expected. My question is around SSDTs. Currently I do not have any SSDTs in use. Are these required for Big Sur, or if I am running hardware that is natively...
  2. Nald0z

    Catalina 10.15.1 Update Doesn't Install and Can't Boot Catalina

    I just updated kexts (WEG, LILU, Apple ALC, Fake SMC) using Hackintool, then rebooted. Computer no longer boots, just Apple logo, progress bar, and then reboots on its own. From Clover boot menu, can I downgrade the kexts if I have the older versions on a USB? For some reason, my back up HD...
  3. Nald0z

    Random crashes as of today? No idea why

    Not sure what / why this started. Nothing has changed today that I know of? Crash report attached. This has happened multiple times today. Mac OS X 10.14.5 CPU: i7 7700 RAM: 32 GB RAM Graphics: Sapphire Vega 56 Main board: Gigabyte GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5
  4. Nald0z

    Nvidia Drivers Release for Mojave?

    Are these the Nvidia drivers we have been waiting for? Released today.
  5. Nald0z

    Tired of waiting for NVidia drivers, RX580 or Vega 56?

    Trying to decide which ATI card to go with, currently have 6GB GTX 1060, wondering if it's really worth the extra 200 for Vega 56 compared to RX580? I do have a Win10 partition for gaming, some recent games, but not hardcore gaming. I have dual 1440p monitors. How quiet are the ATI cards? My...