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  1. Simulacron

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (387.

    Thanks for this post. I was unaware of the nvidia-update script (I'm still pretty much a noob with Hackintoshes). Anyway, I was getting the "black screen with infinite spinner" after updating to 10.13.4 plus updating to (what I thought were) the best nVidia web drivers. The nvidia-update...
  2. Simulacron

    Volumes are mounted

    The "volumes are mounted" error happened to me today after downloading Sierra on a real Mac. I noticed the Sierra install app was automatically opened after the download completed, not sure if that was the reason a volume got mounted or not, but here's what I did: * Quit the Sierra Installer...
  3. Simulacron

    El Capitan on GA-Z77N Wifi

    Hi, any idea if that DSDT works with Sierra? Thanks for any info.
  4. Simulacron

    OS X El Capitan Public Beta is Now Available

    My apologies for the newb question... Isn't El Cap's "System Integrity Protection" going to make hackintoshing tricky once Apple removes the option to bypass SIP when El Cap ships this fall? I'm new at this hackintosh business so please forgive me if this is just not an issue. Just trying to...
  5. Simulacron

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Works

    Gtx 760 Thanks for all the helpful info guys! Just ordered an ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 which is a non-reference short design that should fit nicely in my new Mini-ITX build (Silverstone SG05 case).
  6. Simulacron

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Works

    Gtx 760 Is there no benefit to the nVidia drivers then? It's interesting that the 760's Unigine benchmark is very nearly the equal of the 670 (57 fps vs 61 fps, the 670 is only 6% faster).
  7. Simulacron

    Newly-announced nVidia 760 -- too soon to buy?

    Thanks, I'll wait a while to see what the initial reports say about compatibility. Fingers crossed it works like the 770 does.
  8. Simulacron

    Newly-announced nVidia 760 -- too soon to buy?

    Sorry I'm a noob... Hopefully one of you hackintosh experts has some sage advice.... :) The nVidia 760 was just announced today and it's supposed to be an excellent mid-range video card. Any idea of it's supported by OS X and/or if it's already supported by the unified nVidia drivers package...
  9. Simulacron

    2013 Mac Pro Specs and Benches Revealed on Geekbench?

    Yes, 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 2 is too slow for any midrange video card (or better) made since about 2010. The Mac Pro's video cannot be upgraded via that route, AFAICT. Neither can a laptop's. My hope was that the 2013 Mac Pro video cards could be swapped out / upgraded with whatever video cards...
  10. Simulacron

    OS X Mavericks Spoof Image Thread

    Don't forget OS X 10.11 "Iceman".
  11. Simulacron

    2013 Mac Pro Specs and Benches Revealed on Geekbench?

    Sorry for some noob questions... Ya I'm a noob. :) Will the 2013 Mac Pro's Intel Xeon E5-2697 will run in a desktop X79 based motherboard? E.g., if I build a rig around a well-supported X79 mobo, will the Xeon run in it? On a different note, do you guys think the 2013 Mac Pro video cards will...