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  1. notshy

    10.6 on Gigabyte X58

    What iBoot are you using? Are you using an official snow leopard DVD?
  2. notshy

    SSD SATA 6Gbps Drives - Speed chart

    This might help you decide on what drive to buy: From Note that you get full speed out of these drives then it's best to use a motherboard with Intel controlled SATA III ports such as Z68 motherboard. Or please take a look at the SATA 6Gbps PCIe controller on the blog...
  3. notshy

    SATA 6Gb/s / SATA III - PCIe Card - Works in LION !

    Hi guys, Just a quick one to say that thanks to a recommendation from lostswede that I now have SATA 6Gb/s working on my X58A-UD3R board in OSX Loin !!!! I'm running a OCZ Vertex3 which should run at up to 500 MB/s. On the Intel SATA II ports on the X58 chipset I was getting around 250 MB/s...
  4. notshy

    Add ATI Radeon HD 6370M To ati.c

    Please post questions in the relevant thread instead of creating new threads. We are focusing on desktop card support first.
  5. notshy

    New GUI version of Terminal - TermKit

    Check it out:
  6. notshy

    [CLOSED] Adding ATI card IDs to Chimera 1.5 ATI.c

    UPDATED - 8th Sept - NEW CHIMERA 1.5.4 !!!! So ..... now that we have Chimera, our own branch of Chameleon, we have full control of the ATI/AMD cards loaded by Chimera ! When Kabyl originally set up the ATI.c file he created a testing thread for people to report what framebuffer's they've tried...
  7. notshy

    [LOCKED] Guide - New ATI Kexts from iMac 10.6.7 - 5XXX/6XXX

    EDIT - 16th Dec 2011 This thread is now LOCKED. The guide was relevant for the 10.6.7 update when there was seperate kexts for the iMac and MacBookPro updates that we needed to use for ATI 5XXX and 6XXX cards. These kexts are now included in the latest versions of Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and Lion...
  8. notshy

    Linux Users - Thoughts on a good partitioning scheme

    Hey peeps, I've been doing a lot of reading around about partitioning schemes for Linux and I just wanted to get any thoughts that people had on here. It's a single 320GB HD that I had lying around so I thought I would put it to use as a back-up OS like Linux to help repair OSX or Windows if...
  9. notshy

    I want one of these - dual core nvidia graphics cards !!!! It looks v v v v fast ! And without need for SLI !
  10. notshy

    Help! Need to remove non-roman characters out of a text file

    Hi guys, Random query and I won't bore you with the details. But I'm trying to help a friend out and he's got a large text file from the XML file from iTunes library and he's trying to share his iTunes library with another program. Now the other program said that the iTunes Library wasn't...
  11. notshy

    Custom or TonyMac Build?

    Hi guys, I was wondering for all of you guys thinking of joining the Hack community with your first build or maybe subsequent builds - are you going to follow one of the Official TonyMac recommended builds or use your own components? Just a quick poll here to see if there's a better way the we...
  12. notshy

    Difference between kexts in /Extra and /S/L/E

    Hi guys, I was wondering what the difference was between installing a kext in /Extra/Extensions rather thean /System/Library/Extensions ? I know that by keeping the kexts in /Extra it stops them being written over when you do a system update but what determines if a kext can live in /E/E...
  13. notshy

    CustoMac Pro Install Guide (X58A-UD3R+ATI 5770+10.6.7+64bit)

    CustoMac Pro Install Guide GA-X58A-UD3R-2.0 + ATI 5770 + OSX 10.6.7 + 64-bit Building a CustoMac: CustoMac Pro Thanks to MacMan for his build components and original install guide. Also thanks to TonyMac, MacMan...
  14. notshy

    Power to USB Ports when Shut Down in OSX

    Hi guys, Just a quick one - I've noticed a difference between when I shut down my build in Windows vs OSX. I'm running a USB external sound card and it is powered by USB only. I've notice that when I shut down in Windows it cuts power to all my USB ports - so my sound card is fully off...
  15. notshy

    [SOLVED] CPU Speed in "About This Mac"

    Solved Booted in safe mode and it was fixed so I went into S/L/E and removed some kexts that I didn't need, repaired permissions and rebooted! All fixed now ! ---------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I'm running Chameleon 2RC5 r700 - Kabyl's new boot. As far as I...
  16. notshy


    Hi guys, This is well off topic but my friend has a hack built using a EP35 gigabyte board and he was getting system crashes all over the shop. I ran Memtest and OCCT on it and basically the intel stock cooler isn't doing it's job - the machine is idling at 45-50C (via Gigabyte BIOS) and at...
  17. notshy

    Not Shy's Guide - Potentially Fix Bluetooth Sleep/Wake

    So, I bought a Trust 2400p (model no 15542-02) after reading some very nice reviews of it working out of the box (OOB) with OSX. So off I went and plugged it in, booted and it picked up my magic mouse and off I went in happy "apple branded product bliss". [side point] Then I started having...
  18. notshy

    Sleep - Tried lots of things - finally fixed - Win 7 HD

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share something with you all that I've just found - I was having issues with sleep on my machine and tried lots of things to get it fixed and finally found a solution. Things I tried: 1. Load optimal BIOS settings - just enable HPET 64 bit and SATA = AHCI on Intel...
  19. notshy

    iStat's v2.0 - Not showing CPU Temp or Fan Speeds

    Hi guys, I've recently installed iStats v2.0 and it's not showing my CPU temps or fan speeds anywhere in the Preferences. I can only see HardDrive temps in the prefs. When I installed it, it said that it was downloading an Intel patch to detect temps of CPU processors. But I can't see it...
  20. notshy

    System Profiler Showing MacPro - Finder Saying iMac

    Hey guys, Just a quick one .... for some reason in Finder it's showing my build as an iMac (Right click in Sidebar - under Devices) However my smbios.plist clearly says MacPro - I've tried both MacPro 3,1 and 4,1 (changing the SMboardproduct at the same time). <?xml version="1.0"...