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  1. manpower

    Gigabite X299X Designare 10G / OC Stuck with Boot loop after up Monterey

    Hope someone can help me out I try to upgrade from my stable Big Sur to latest Monterey, I got stuck in boot loop :
  2. manpower

    UniBeast Installer Results in "could not enable USB ownership"

    When I try to build a new Catalina USB installer using latest UniBeast, I got an error "could not enable USB ownership" anyone know what happen or how can fix it please? :banghead:
  3. manpower

    Samsung PM951 M.2 SSD performance issues

    Dear RehabMan, I seriously follow page 1, I did create SSDT-NVMe-Pcc.aml put into ACPI/Patched, also entry for _DSM->XDSM into config.plist, then I delete and make sure there is no any patch-nvme inside the config.plist! I generate HackrNVMeFamily_10.12.3.kext use --spoof option then install...
  4. manpower

    [Anyone Successs?] Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7

    Folks I can manage install Sierra with M2 on this board but can't make it boot, try many different method but no go ! anyone can share or help me out please? My one just show stop icon when boot into final stage! :banghead:
  5. manpower

    [HELP] Clone disk can't boot !

    Lately I want to clone my Lion Hack to new bigger SSD, after clone use the easy app Carbon Copy Cloner, I believe it was a exact clone so I turn off the machine, unplug the original disk and try to boot on this new clone, but it doesn't boot and get this boot error : boot0: GPT boot0: test...