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  1. bhat

    Icon Problem

    same problem with Nvidia Web driver Switch to internal graphic everything fine. GA-H88M-D3H GTX460
  2. bhat

    No power-off no sleep

    I have same problem ... but it solve by clean install with new unibeat and multibeat. Restart and shutdown fine. GA-H87-H3D Core i3
  3. bhat

    No power-off no sleep

    Same problem. No Shutdown/Reboot/Sleep. iMac 14,2 GA H87-H3D i3 GTX 640
  4. bhat

    ASUS P5Q - Mavericks Installation Success

    My P5Q machine is running on maverick now. Yep...Multibeat make boot loader failure .. :thumbup:
  5. bhat

    DSDT Asus P5Q S775

    I Try to install maverick on P5Q with 440GT. I Success install and work perfect .... No DSDT only 2 Driver like suggestion above. but I found something weird ... my machine need to start 5 times for only one success boot. Not Random .... 4 Times sequential boot to no signal monitor and...