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  1. Evildemon989

    GTX 460 + 9800 GT

    Currently, I am running a single EVGA 1GB 9800 GT, but I am going to be upgrading to the EVGA 1GB GTX 460 External Exhaust edition once the stock comes back in on Newegg. I am planning to run my GTX 460 as my primary with my 9800 GT as my physx card under windows, but I was thinking about OSX...
  2. Evildemon989

    eSATA port on P55M-UD2 - Works, but as an internal drive.

    I have a my book studio 2 with esata, and it works great with the hackintosh. The only problem I have, is that the esata port is controlled by the same chip as the four internal sata ports(not the gsata controller). This makes it show up in OSX as an internal drive, and will only work if plugged...
  3. Evildemon989

    Relabeling partitions, and hiding partitions in chameleon.

    I just reinstalled windows 7 and ubuntu on my machine because I wanted to get a system reserved partition on my windows install. It worked great. All I had to do is install windows, then ubuntu then reinstall chameleon because ubuntu doesn't like it. Well, I have to whole thing sorted out but I...
  4. Evildemon989

    Make the Hackintosh, be a Hackintosh

    I'm wondering if there's anyway to get your Hackintosh to read as a Hackintosh. Instead of saying John Doe's iMac, make it say John Doe's Hackintosh. I'm guessing it would have to do with the smbios.plist? Thanks.
  5. Evildemon989

    Overclocking a P55M-UD2 - Any thoughts or recommendations?

    I'd like to overclock my P55M-UD2 and I'm just wondering if I have to do anything to OSX to get it to work. Right now I have 10.6, W7, and Ubuntu on my Hackintosh so stress testing is no problem. I'll probably shoot for 3.4 to 3.5 GHz. Also, any other recommendations? I already have a Arctic...
  6. Evildemon989

    Sleep in Windows 7 and Ubuntu do not work.

    I have a question about suspend and hibernate in ubuntu. Last night when I went to test out suspend, I clicked it and acted like it went into hibernation. But my computer never actually turned off. The fans kept running, which when I go to sleep in OSX, everything turns off like it should. So I...