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  1. denimdude

    i7 4790k running 90-100ºC

    Is anyone else getting temps around 90-100ºC? Whenever I use handbrake to convert video I always get high temps. Usually core 1:100ºC core 2:96ºC core 3:94ºC core 4:89ºC heatsink:91ºC and it holds there (give or take 1ºC) until it's done. I put new thermal compound down but it just keep all...
  2. denimdude

    Hang up before reaching installer GA-Z97X-UD5H

    I can't get past loading to install osx 10.10.1 using unibeast. This where it hangs up. Heres the screen shot Any advice on how to proceed would be awesome! Thank you!