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  1. ebm

    P8Z68V-Pro Gen 1 El Capitan install help needed

    Hi All! I've had every version of OS X working upto Yosemite with very little issues (usb 3). Having issues getting El Capitan working. I refreshed the MOD BIOS 3603 and Yosemite installs fine but no-go with El Capitan. If anyone has this board could you please post your Bios Settings...
  2. ebm

    Profiles Based on your motherboard

    Would be great if he could select the type of motherboard (maybe a dropdown list) and have the drivers for that particular motherboard selected for us. Of course less the GPU since this can vary unless it's the built in HD3000, HD4000 etc. If this is possible it would make it a lot easier if...
  3. ebm

    DSDT Request Asus P8Z68-v Pro Bios 3402

    Hi, I had sleep working with the 1101 DST and updated to Bios 3402 not realizing it would break my system. I've have searched and used a couple of DSDT that claimed to be for the 3402 but did not work and my system just froze. Any change anyone has a working 3402 regular bios and/or patched...
  4. ebm


    So can we talk about Lion now :D Has anyone tried upgrading from the apple store and were you sucessful? Thanks!
  5. ebm

    Anyone returing Sandy Bridge Motherboards?

    I was at a Microcenter this morning and asked about the SB issue. The sales person said I could bring it back with the receipt and they will send it off and let me know when the new board arrives. She said it may not be until April when they may start coming in. I told her that's a way off to...
  6. ebm

    Asus P8P67 Pro Working 32 bit

    Quick breakdown: Update to latest Bios (1204 I believe) In Bios change the bus ration from Auto (34) to 29 precopy 10.6.6 combo update, bridgehelper and multibeast to usb key 1. boot with iboot legacy cd and install from usb key with cd iamge or DVD (if dvd swap & press F5) 2. reboot with...