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  1. colinzeal

    CPU Header NOT Recognised

    Hey all I bought the below cheap and cheerful RGB PWM fan kit: Aerocool Duo 12 Pro This kit is supposed to support PWM and the header should be plugged directly into the CPU fan header in the motherboard. Done. CPU Fan Error! I checked the Monitor tab of my UEFI settings and the header...
  2. colinzeal

    11.1Big Sur Installation - Code=1004 "An error occurred loading the update."

    Hi All As of today, I am still on Catalina with Clover 5118. My specs are: Intel 9600k Asus TUF Z370 Gaming Plus MSI Vega 56 Having tried this amazing thread by @pastrychef I used his matching EFI with Opencore 0.6.4 and I was finally able to reach the installer with 11.0.1. However, after...
  3. colinzeal

    Resolution locked at 640x480

    Hi All I have a cheap gaming machine I knocked together with the following components: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P CPU: Intel i7 3770 GPU: GTX 1060 (3GB) Without making any changes, I booted it up this morning and noticed the splash screen was squashed into a 4:3 ratio. Then when I got...
  4. colinzeal

    Updating Clover

    Hi All Many times I've updated Clover by using the installer, backing up the folder etc., but only today have I noticed in Clover Configurator the type of installation when updating. Can someone explain the difference? Just to note, my current Clover config is working fine and I'm...
  5. colinzeal

    TV App - Catalina

    Hi All Just installed Public Beta 9 (19A573a) of Catalina without a hitch, by upgrading my Mojave installation - not a clean install, I'll do this when the GM is released. I'm particularly excited about the TV app as I use an Apple TV at home and on my iPhone etc but I'm unable to use it at...
  6. colinzeal

    Interchangeable Graphics

    Hi All I bought a Vega 56 Graphics Card in March and I haven't been happy since! See below: Windows 10 Vega 56 OC DisplayPort not Working So I want to go back to Nvidia. AMD has left such a bad impression on me, I don't want to use AMD again. However, we know if you don't want to use the...
  7. colinzeal

    MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8GB OC

    MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8GB OC If anyone buys this, can they try it in Windows 10 and report back please? :lol:
  8. colinzeal

    Windows 10 Vega 56 OC DisplayPort not Working

    Hi All My current setup is: Intel i5-9600k Asus TUF Gaming Plus MSI Vega 56 Overclocked I have two displays connected. 1 via HDMI 1 via DisplayPort When I boot the system I can see the ‘splash’ screen on the DP display. When macOS boots into Mojave, the Apple and the login screen appears on...
  9. colinzeal

    Do Intel 'F' CPUs work in macOS?

    Hi All I currently have an Ivybridge build. Have been very happy with it, have 100% functionality, but now looking to upgrade with the rumours that the late 2012 iMac will not be supported in 10.15 which happens to be similar to my build. Current essential Specs: Gigabyte Motherboard -...
  10. colinzeal Apple publicly commit to work with Nvidia on drivers for Mac OS 10.14

    Has anyone else signed this yet? We can get 5,000! Can’t we?
  11. colinzeal

    Adjust HDMI Volume with Soundflower

    Has anyone else seen or tried this?
  12. colinzeal

    GA-H110M-S2H with Kaby Lake

    Hi All I just found the following on Amazon: How would you suppose someone would get on with installing Mac OS on this? I guess my only concern is the mix of Kaby Lake with a 100 series motherboard. Has anyone successfully done this...
  13. colinzeal

    Mac like Microphone

    Hi All Now that Sierra is nearly upon us, I'd like to buy a microphone to make use of Siri. However, nearly every microphone that I see are those used by YouTubers and look like the ones Elvis used: I'm looking for something small, discreet and looks like it's been designed by Apple. I...
  14. colinzeal

    CsmVideoDxe.efi Clover HD4000

    Hi All Hope I'm in the right section. GA-B75M-D3P i3-3225 Using HD4000 via HDMI - only I tried installing El Capitan and made a bit of a mess of it. So using Time Machine, I restored my machine back to 10.10.4. All my files were there, but I had to reinstall Clover to boot off...
  15. colinzeal

    Apple Watch & Bluetooth Interference

    Is it possible to get interference between so many Apple products connecting to my Mac Pro through Bluetooth? I'm using the Broadcom BCM94360CD adapter and had handoff working perfectly. Reason I ask is since I bought my Apple Watch, my keyboard doesn't want to connect. Currently I have...
  16. colinzeal

    Black Screen on Boot / Garbled Screen Yosemite

    Hi All My system has 100% functionality and I'm very pleased with it. However, I seem to be facing the same problem a lot of other seem to be facing but no one can put their finger on it. When I boot up, I get the white screen with the grey apple logo. Perfect. But when the progress...
  17. colinzeal

    VOYO Smart Mini PC Intel Bay Trail-T CR Z3735 Windows 8.1 Quad Core

    Hi all I saw this advertised on this site. For the price, it could be a very very cheap build. Thoughts...
  18. colinzeal

    Come Back Podcast!

    What happened to them? I used to listen to them on the tube without fail, maybe even more than once. I occasionally listen to CultCast, but it's not specific to 'Customac' or 'Hackintosh' builds or news. Please guys, bring it back?:thumbup:
  19. colinzeal

    Which Model do I want?

    Hey All I know a guy who has a job lot of unloaded G5 and Mac Pro Cases. Which is easiest to Mod? I want to use a mATX board and a or maybe use
  20. colinzeal

    What do you use you Mac for primarily?

    I love my Mac so much, like I suppose you all do. I've just finished my G4 Mod. Now that it's finished, the project is over. I've reached the mount. I don't know what to do next? So what do you guys use you Mac for primarily?