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  1. leluoch

    Msi P55A Fuzion Mainboard ? it works ?

    hello everybody and thanks for all hard work i want to bulid my 3 hackintosh with Msi P55A Fuzion Mainboard does it works ? with i3 or i5 ? thanks for helping
  2. leluoch

    stable X58A system ?

    hi all i want best stable x58 board i heard Ga-X58A-ud3r but some user report issues maybe with bios setting or something like that look for this will know wat i meant
  3. leluoch

    Shuold Mac Graphic card work on hackintosh like real mac ?

    Hi all i have a simple q? mac graphic card work on hackintosh like real mac i mean all port work and full support !! if yes so we can get the card and flashed it with mac bios does all 5770/5870 work with mac bios rom or does one dev id ?? thanks 4 helping
  4. leluoch

    Plz whats different between Ati and Nvidia Hackintosh bulid

    whats different between Ati and Nvidia Hackintoshs bulid ? and why all new GPU Mac powered by AMD (ATI) ? and some hackintosh user need nvidia for cuda support ? wat that mean ? plz just explain :banghead: thanks For all hard work
  5. leluoch

    HD 6870 Or GTX 480 who best for (Rendering-PS-FCP7)?

    hello every body what the best graphic card for rendering and photoshop and FCP7 does ATI 6870 run this programs or must i get nvidia card with cuda support like Gtx480 ? but iheard gtx480 has freeze ? or sloved with 10.6.8 and new offical nvidia driver ? thx 4 helping
  6. leluoch

    Problem with HDD and Boot plz help

    Hello every body i have 2HDD in my hackintosh not boot in morning but if i swap HDD(osx) - 2nd Hdd (data) is boot fast sucssefull , but in 2nd day is get the same problem and not booting just if i swap HDD (some time it boot but not show 2nd hdd ) i used DSDT in my E/E just fakesmc &...
  7. leluoch

    Graphic Card for 3 monitor at the same time ???????

    hey every body plz i need a graphic card run 2dvi monitor and 1hdmi sony tv at the same time ... or dual graphic card can do it plz help me