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  1. Yomiro

    << Solved >> OpenCore ACPI injection in Windows.

    I dual boot MacOS and Windows 11 with OpenCore. When I boot into Windows none of the I2C devices are working (screen backlight, trackpad,etc). I know this is caused by OpenCore since Windows boots perfectly if I skip Opencore and boot directly into Windows. I am pretty sure it's caused by...
  2. Yomiro

    Keyboard options

    Yes, I remember HID proxy issue from a few years ago. That's one of the reasons why I don't like Bluetooth keyboards. Also I double/triple boot and it's easier to use a Wireless 2.4 Dongle. Personally I use a Logitech K780. It has 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth. But I am considering getting a...
  3. Yomiro

    Adding RX580 breaks Bluetooth??

    I got a hold of an XFX RX580 and installed it. Everything works fine except my computer no longer detects my bluetooth card. Bluetooth Controller: Address: XXXXXXXXXXX State: On Chipset: BCM_20703A1 Discoverable: Off Firmware Version: v169 c4825 Product ID...
  4. Yomiro

    << Solved >> Black screen with cursor. GT 720 Big Sur.

    My system boots to a black screen with a cursor (No MacOS Login Screen). It used to work fine with the GTX680. I decided to swap it with a GT720. I can move the mouse around. I can boot into safe mode and recovery with no issue. I just dont know why I am not getting the login screen...
  5. Yomiro

    kernelmanagerd stall[0] BCM20702A0

    I upgraded from Catalina/Clover to Big Sur/OpenCore. The only issue I have is with Bluetooth. If I add and enable the BrcmPatch kexts, it would take minutes for Big Sur to boot up. On the screen I keep getting kernelmanager stall BCM20702A0. Bluetooth is not detected. If I remove the...
  6. Yomiro

    << Solved >> Wake from Sleep Broke in 10.15.1

    Hmm this update is causing issues with my system. Wake from sleep is broken. After waking up, i see a black screen with the mouse cursor. Can't do interact with desktop at all. Have to hard reset.