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  1. sanyi83

    Old Laptop - High Sierra

    I am trying to download High Sierra to put it onto an old mac laptop. The apple store won't let me download it because I am in Ventura. Or it is telling me that is not available? Does anyone know where I can get an install High Sierra File
  2. sanyi83

    World of Warcraft High Latentency WiFi

    Is there a way to fix this? I cant run an ethernet cable. I am running the Fenvi WIFI card should, it is showing as AC.
  3. sanyi83

    Intel Graphics cards

    I am curious if this could work in a Hackintosh. Has anyone put thought into it?
  4. sanyi83

    Wifi Cards 6E

    I am looking for a new wifi card that is faster. I saw this one but it is only for windows. Archer TXE75E. Any Ideas?
  5. sanyi83

    << Solved >> Z390 Aorus Pro Open core issue

    I am not sure what the issue is. This is for my sister's computer Mobo: Z390 Aurous Pro Graphics: Saphire RX580 CPU: I7-8700k Any help would be wonderful. thank you
  6. sanyi83

    Updated to 12.3 using OC 0.7.9 and KP

    I am getting a KP and can't get the system to load this is the panic I am getting. It appears the dock is causing the problem. Any idea how I can fix this?
  7. sanyi83

    New Crash report Monterey 12.0.1

    I don't know what could be causing this. Any ideas?
  8. sanyi83

    12.0.1 Monterey Crashing

    I just updated to 12.0.1 with no issues, and it appears that some of the updated KEXT files are causing the problem. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to resolve the crash? This is happening in Safari, Firefox, mail.
  9. sanyi83

    G613 no Command key

    Just like it says...I just got this new keyboard (Logitech G613) and I can't get a command key to work. Has anyone had this problem before?
  10. sanyi83

    Bluetooth Issue with BCM94360CD

    I am starting a new thread on this I thought I could find the answer in another thread but no luck. I own the MQUPIN Wireless PCI-E Card, Fencvi T919 WiFi Adapter and have used it for about a year and my Bluetooth is not loading...
  11. sanyi83

    Z490-A OC 0.7.3 Boot Problem

    I don't know what to do here. I had a solid booting machine and everything was working except some USB speed issues. I have my USB installed with OC and that worked to create the system, and I had a working clone in my machine all 3 would boot the machine. Now I can't get the computer to get...
  12. sanyi83

    [Solved] Stuck on install OC 0.7.0 and trying to upgrade to 11.4

    Nevermind It worked eventually
  13. sanyi83

    Solved - Cant see MacOS partitions

    I go back and forth between windows on one drive and MacOS on the other. I was just in windows for a day or two and I can no longer see the Mac partitions in the BIOS boot options. I have 2 M.2's, one with MacOS on it, and I can't boot from it. I can see they are formatted in widows, but I...
  14. sanyi83

    USB stops working with 11.3.1

    I just updated and the process seemed to go fine. However my USB completely stopped working. No mouse or keyboard inputs accepted. I dont know if this is an OC issue I was working rock solid with 0.6.8 Any ideas?
  15. sanyi83

    Graphics Cards and Lack of Stock

    I want to upgrade my 580 but nothing seems to be available. What are people getting these days?
  16. sanyi83

    Time Machine Server (Big Sur)

    I just added an internal 8Tb drive to my desktop and I would like to share that over my network for other devices to backup to. Can I do this without buying the server app?
  17. sanyi83

    External DVD and Ripping

    A couple of issues. 1. every time I plug in my external DVD player with a video disk DVD player trys to open then it crashes. 2. Handbrake doesn't seem to rip encrypted DVD's 3. RipIt is what I have used for years but doesn't seem to work anymore. 4. I...
  18. sanyi83

    Fixing RTC write issues Open Core

    On my board, I am getting CMOS and Safe mode errors. I came across this write-up from the OC Developers and it seems EXTREMELY tedious. Has anyone come across this problem before and do you know a faster way to find the bad RTC regions??
  19. sanyi83

    Filevault 2 and opencore

    Has anyone had luck enabling filevault in opencore?
  20. sanyi83

    Open Core on Z370

    I am muddling through dortania guide and I don't know what this error means. My best guess is that Lilu is in the wrong location but when I go back and look at my EFi it is in the right place. Can someone let me know what I did wrong?