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  1. Dschijn

    My MacPro (2013) Hackintosh

    Can you take a picture with the trash can on? :D
  2. Dschijn

    Mac Cube X99

    Awesome, like the idea of the heat sink in the center :D
  3. Dschijn

    Mac Cube X99

    The page is super super slow and the pictures on it do not load at all :(
  4. Dschijn

    Mac Pro Replica - OEM Fan - Build log

    good job!
  5. Dschijn

    Mac Pro Replica - OEM Fan - Build log

    Awesome! Can't wait to read about the results with the MP fan :D
  6. Dschijn

    Mac Pro (late 2013) replica

    Yeah… that admin was ruling his forum with an iron fist. Luckily he is gone now :D A very unfriendly person!
  7. Dschijn

    Space / Cooling problems...

    I think making the GPU fan facing into the other direction is a must!
  8. Dschijn

    2013 Mac Pro - My variation

    Wow, really clean build! :D
  9. Dschijn

    External NVIDIA GPU on thunderbolt = It works !

    I am using a eGPU with my 15" MBPr but only for Windows, because there are still problems in managing the display output in OSX. But you can make a eGPU run any rendering software if you get the implementation in OSX right. This is my system (GTX 970 in an AKiTiO Thunder2 case)...
  10. Dschijn

    G5 + laserhive mobo tray + Noctua NH-D14?

    Just from the height, it shouldn't be a problem!
  11. Dschijn

    Crimson Grey (Powermac G5)

    Sure that might work! Maybe you should search for an alternative in Low Yat ;)
  12. Dschijn

    G5 PSU to ATX issue

    I used a Seasonix X-560 to strip apart. Had to do some soldering to extend some wires:
  13. Dschijn

    Crimson Grey (Powermac G5)

    What kind of HDD cage are you looking for? A G5 one oder new parts like this:
  14. Dschijn

    MSI GTX 970 struggles

    Running OSX 10.10 Yosemite and installed the latest WebDriver-343.01.01f01. Unfortunetly my GTX 970 isn't loading the kext files… Anyone is having an idea?
  15. Dschijn

    G5 Bikers Edition

    omg, I love it. Awesome to reuse the cooler.
  16. Dschijn

    GTX 780 6GB working?

  17. Dschijn

    [SUCCESS] GA-Z87X-UD4H - i7 4790K - 16 GB RAM - MSI GTX760 gaming 2GB

    Nice Setup! Any interesting additional cooling setup for CPU or the case?
  18. Dschijn

    My PowerHack G5 build

    Like the idea of the fans in the front. Had a similiar one for my 2nd G5 project :)