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  1. eelhead

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

  2. eelhead

    10 Year Anniversary of tonymacx86

  3. eelhead

    question from a new member.

    Hello Fred and Welcome to !!!! You'll find a lot of great resources here to help you find what you need in creating an even more powerful system than an off the shelf Mac Pro. Just be advised that all the tools we offer are based on Intel systems as we do not support AMD...
  4. eelhead

    G5 Front Panel Quick Guide

    I'll fix the front page this weekend folks, I have been a tad busy and I didn't know photobucket was going to paid. Sorry.
  5. eelhead

    How To Remove The G5 Upper Shelf

    Pictures fixed lads :) Enjoy and thanks!!!
  6. eelhead

    PowerMac G5 light mod

    Remember to use caution whenever modding the PSU. Some may think it is an easy task, but things can go wrong very quickly if you are not familiar with it. Other than that I look forward to seeing the finished product :)
  7. eelhead

    iMac G3 Mod

    The best part of that mod is how light it is after taking out the CRT loloolol Looking good though
  8. eelhead

    Untouched outside look Mac Pro

    Nicely done, sweet and clean they way they should be :)
  9. eelhead


    Welcome to the club :)
  10. eelhead

    Who is the real Tonymac??

  11. eelhead

    How To Remove The G5 Upper Shelf

    You're welcome :) Glad to still see people do G5 mods.
  12. eelhead

    Msi GS60-6qe Ghost Pro

    Keep in mind for Clover UEFI, you are booting from your EFI partition that is not automatically mounted. And that is where Clover loads its configuration. You should verify which partition that is by looking at your Clover bootlog. Ignore any EFI folder on your system partition (perhaps left...
  13. eelhead


    I'd like to personally thank you for this quick guide. I have been researching this and trying different ways to regain my Win 10 drive after I updated my set up to El Cap and Clover. For the life of me I could not get Clover to even see my Win drive. This was spot on :) Mad love from the eel...
  14. eelhead

    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    Solving NVIDIA driver install problems Great job with this mini guide for the GTX 970, I will most likely be putting this to the test sometime tomorrow as my 970 didn't much care for my updating OS X lol.
  15. eelhead

    Hard drive cage for G5 mod?

    I used this one in another built but I know it fits into a G5 case.
  16. eelhead

    G5 Front Panel Quick Guide

    Google it, you will find it for sale online. G5 front cable conversion.
  17. eelhead

    G5 USB 3.0 Front Panel and Audio

    The thread isn't going to be closed. The rules were brought up because those are the site rules. So before somebody starts asking for money for products everybody knows that it isn't allowed here. The rules were set up a long time ago and if you have an issue with them then I suggest you do...
  18. eelhead

    G5 Front Panel Quick Guide

    Good to hear :)
  19. eelhead

    G5 USB 3.0 Front Panel and Audio

    It was one reason the modders tools section was created. a way to share our projects without monetary gain. I for one am all about modding these cases and trying to keep them current. I am also one for use to collectively share ideas and designs to...
  20. eelhead

    6/8 cores in a Cube / X99 / 5930k / GTX 970 mini / 32GB RAM / M.2 SSD PCIe Gen3 x4

    I like that site in general minihack. some good stuff there :)