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  1. hellowe

    << Solved >> Cannot get the 12.3 update

    Hi there, my Mac is running at 12.2.1. I try to get the 12.3 update at this morning, it always prompt me my system is up to date. Any things that I miss for the configuration? P.S.: it is my new mac system running on Lenovo m710q with macmini8
  2. hellowe

    << Solved >> BCM943602CS Bluetooth strange behavior at Monterey 12.1

    Hi there, Having upgraded to 12.1, my bluetooth cannot be pair some devices, such as my Sony BT headset or my iphone. However, for bluetooth keyboard or mouse, it can be pair without problem. Can anyone advise how to solve this issue? My config is below: 1. BCM943602CS PCI card 2...
  3. hellowe

    Intel HD5000 vram issue

    I have just setup High Sierra on a DIY fanless PC using i5-4250U. After the installation, it seem the VRAM can only be discovered for 10M, but, I have allocated for 128M in BIOS. ig-platform-id: 0x0a26106B fakeid: 0x59128086 I have installed the Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext in EFI...
  4. hellowe

    Any AMD HD68xx that has DVI, HDMI and DP(mini) are working?

    Any AMD HD68xx that has DVI, HDMI and DP(mini) are working?
  5. hellowe

    Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 Sleep

    Hi there, I have used the latest subject F3 DSDT and installed OSX 10.6.8 successfully. However, it seem the sleep function is still not working, and it will re-start again immediately. Do I need to do some trick to enable it? Appreciate, anyone can give me some advice? thx