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  1. elgipsy

    RX 5500 XT - Failed to send PPLIB IRI to Accelerator

    Hi there, I still have one issue on my hack that I haven't been able to fix and would appreciate help on this to finally have a 100% working hack. On cold boots MacOS will start loading, system will reboot and then MacOS will load fully and without any issues. The thing is that it doesn't...
  2. elgipsy

    How can I find the AAPL,slot-name of my GPU?

    Hi there, How can I find my GPU's AAPL,slot-name? Thanks
  3. elgipsy

    Would an iPad Pro work to configure usb-c port on my motherboard

    Hi there, I have all ports configured with usbports.kext except usb-c as I didn't have a compatible device when setting up my hack. Would a usb-c iPad Pro work to do that or does it need to be a usb-c stick? Thanks!
  4. elgipsy

    Apple Music Dolby Atmos bug

    Hi there, I've started to listen more and more to Dolby Atmos and while it is amazing on a lot of tracks, there is a bug that seem to be present across Apple's product line and it's quite annoying; I am not talking about spatial audio which works fine by the way just Dolby Atmos. The issue I...
  5. elgipsy

    Bluetooth headphones/APP not streaming Apple Music

    Hi there, As I'm still having issues streaming Apple Music via bluetooth headphones/AirPods Pro, I figured I'd start my own thread. The issue: whenever I try to stream music using bluetooth headphones or AirPods pro connected to the Hack it won't play except if I download the track I want to...
  6. elgipsy

    Is it possible to boot Monterey in safe mode with OpenCore?

    Hi there, Is it possible to boot Monterey in safe mode with OC (0.8.0)? I've tried to press ctrl+shift and ctrl+x when booting but it's not working. Is there a boot arg to add to the plist maybe? Thanks
  7. elgipsy

    Random freezes and reboots when trying to update OC 0.7.4 to 0.7.7

    Hi there, I've been trying to update OC from 0.7.4 first to 0.7.6 then to 0.7.7 and while Monterey boots fine, the system freezes at some points and reboots then everything is fine again... until the next reboot. When I revert to 0.7.4, there are no reboots and I don't get what I'm doing...
  8. elgipsy

    << Solved >> Updated from OC 0.7.4 to 0.7.6: Reset NVRAM option missing at boot

    Hi there, I recently moved from OC 0.7.4 to OC 0.7.6 and noticed that the reset NVRAM option is no longer an option within OC startup options. Can this be fixed so that the option appears again? Thanks!
  9. elgipsy

    Added Sapphire RX 5500 XT -> Hack boots to black screen

    Hi there, I finally got my hands on a Sapphire RX 5500 XT and when I boot the hack I get to the OC boot menu and can launch macOS Monterey however it only starts booting (I can see the Apple logo and the loading bar going to 20-25%) before the screen goes dark in sleep mode and system hangs. My...
  10. elgipsy

    Reset NVRAM when adding a graphic card?

    Hi there, I finally found a graphic card for my hack and I was wondering if I will have to reset NVRAM after updating the "AAPL,ig-platform-id" value in the config plist? Thanks a lot!
  11. elgipsy

    Airdrop to or from hack stuck in waiting - Big Sur

    Hi there, Recently Airdrop stopped working on my hack and I haven't been able to fix it. It works between iPhone and iPad but not when I'm trying to send something from the hack to iPhone/iPad or from the iPhone/iPad to the hack where it stays in waiting status. I have tried toggling bluetooth...
  12. elgipsy

    Help enabling Thunderbolt 3 port on ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3

    @CaseySJ Hi there, I have been trying to enable the Thunderbolt port on my motherboard, but I haven't managed yet and I hope you can help. On HackinDROM there is a Thunderbolt controller for ASRock's Z490 ITX/ac which has the proper port configured (RP21). I have tried using this file in my...
  13. elgipsy

    Big Sur random screen freezes with green lines then restart

    Hi there, Sometimes my screen just freezes and horizontal green lines appear on screen, the system becomes unresponsive and the computer restarts and I'm struggling to understand why. I have no graphic card for the moment and rely on Intel's graphics processor UHD 630. Here's a screenshot...
  14. elgipsy

    ASRock Z490 Phantom gaming ITX/TB3 power management (pmset) settings

    Hi there, Still not sure I got the power management settings right for my system and would appreciate help on this one. My system is based on an ASRock Z490 Phantom gaming ITX/TB3 with a I9 10850k. Default pmset and Hackintool's power management If I press the sleepimage fix option on...
  15. elgipsy

    OC 0.7.0 OCS: Missing key Flavour, context <Tools>!

    Hi there, I prepared my OC 0.7.0 folder and plist and when I run ocvalidate tool to check my plist I get the "OCS: Missing key Flavour, context <Tools>!" error but I cannot find info on how to solve this issue. Does anybody know how to resolve this? Thanks!
  16. elgipsy

    << Solved >> Wifi question: How to change country code?

    Hi, Looking at wifi diagnostic info I have noticed that the defined country code is wrong. Does anyone know how to change this? Is it something to change in the config.plist? wifi works alright and I don't know if it matters. When I look at language and region in system preferences region is...
  17. elgipsy

    Success: ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 - dualboot MacOS/W10

    Hi all, My previous built was due an upgrade and I finally got most of the components I needed CPU: I9-10850K MB: ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 RAM: 32 GB Graphics: No card, maybe one day when prices and availability get back to something normal Wifi/BT: BCM94360NG NVME: Sabrent Rocet 1TB...
  18. elgipsy

    << Solved >> Question about ssdt-usbw.aml

    Hi there, I understand that this ssdt allows to wake the system with one click instead of two but I don't know where to download it except from an EFI folder from users that have uploaded theirs and use the same board has mine. Is it ok to just copy it or do I need to create it? Thanks
  19. elgipsy

    ASRock Z490 Gaming Phantom ITX/TB3: Is onboard Thunderbolt port properly configured?

    Hi, I don't have a TB3 device to test yet but I would like to verify that I have set the onboard TB port correctly. Here is what I did: installed the SSDT for my motherboard from Hackindrom website checking that the proper port is used(RP21); it is Installed DTPG SSDT Enabled Thunderbolt in...
  20. elgipsy

    Future Hack: ASRock z490 gaming - Wifi/BT and PSU questions

    Hi, I am considering building a new hack and after some research, these are the components that I've picked: I picked this motherboard as it appears that the Wifi/BT card that comes with it can be swapped with the BCM card. Airdrop, Handoff etc are working on my current system and from what...