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  1. rushstrike

    Where To Get OpenCore 0.5.7 ?

    @Feartech, Where do you get opencore 0.5.7 ? from their github page I only see 0.5.6. Thanks.
  2. rushstrike

    Lenovo Carbon X1 6th gen BT on WAKE and HWP

    I got 2 minor problems other than that this Lenovo Hackintosh is working pretty well . I would greatly appreciate if anyone want to take a look at my debug files to see if you could provide any insight: 1) I am using the broadcom apple stock wifi WiFi Bluetooth Airport Card BCM943602CS. WIFI is...
  3. rushstrike

    Carbon x16th gen can fit BCM943602CS with adapter

    Hey I got good news to share. You can actually fit an OEM apple card wifi card with m.2 adapter. I can get WiFi and hand off stable without all the Bluetooth and wifi kext! It's a tight fit and goes directly over your SSD so the SSD heat + wifi heat may...
  4. rushstrike

    Pascal vs. Maxwell Performance?

    Can anyone speak to stability performance of pascal vs gtx 9XX series? I have a 980 and it works great with single monitor . However when I turn on my 2nd monitor it randomly freezes the mac. I am debating if I should buy a gtx pascal to see if it has better stability.