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  1. baryw

    Lost Graphic Options - Says no kext loaded in Graphics/ Displays

    I am using a AMD Radeon R9 270X which (I am hoping) is still supported. When I booted into Ventura - I lost my 4K options. Any ideas on what I need to change? Thanks!
  2. baryw

    Monterey with NVIDIA graphic cards (Kepler series) support thread

    UPDATE- I had success using OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OLCP). I was not able to get the chris1111 patcher to work with my system. See page 2 for more information. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics card and am nervous about updating to Monterey as my card isn't natively supported. There is...
  3. baryw

    Rebuilding Kernel Cache in Catalina

    All - I spent several days trying to figure out how to rebuild the kernel cache since upgrading to Catalina. I finally found the information hidden in another thread. I am hoping this information will help others. To Rebuild Kernel Cache & Fix Permissions then restart. "I forgot to mention...
  4. baryw

    [solved] Really slow start-up 5-6 mins always

    Howdy all - Getting HS to run has been a chore. Lots of tricks. I am able to start up pretty consistently now. For the past two days I could start up some times and other times it would hang. Today I rebuilt my config.plist using a HS compatible one. The main thing I added to the new one was...
  5. baryw

    Success on Using High Sierra GM

    Howdy all, my 2 cents. I read that for most people the upgrade went well so I thought, why not? I am running HS after some research and work but it was not seamless due to my HD being an SSD. I created a install USB. That went well. Ran through the installation process. When the computer tried...
  6. baryw

    Android File Transfer app

    All - I have been trying to get any of my Android (SAMSUNG ONLY) devices to mount on my Hackintosh and haven't had any luck. I know it has something to do with the computer because when using my Macbook, everything works fine. I get "Could not connect to device" "Try reconnecting or restarting...