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  1. pmaly

    [Solved] Workaround NVidia Web Driver on EL Capitan 10.11.6 (15G1611)

    Hey guys, I've just updated to 10.11.6 (15G1611). But know NVidia's Web Driver is not compatible with it. My screen is always flashing, every time I type or move my mouse on the screen. I've uninstalled it, think that I would reinstalle it but know, the driver's installer will not go further...
  2. pmaly

    System definition VS actual real physical hardware

    He guys, After installation of Clover bootloader, I've when into the Clover configurator and chose an iMac system definition. I went and chose this one because I felt that it was the closes to my actual hardware config. But there is a descripency on the CPU speed. Does the system...
  3. pmaly

    Does my motherboard need to be UEFI for Clover Install

    Hey guys, I've been rocking unibeast/multibeast installs a few years now on my Hackinthosh. I've been wanting to try to upgrade to El Capitan by using Clover (mainly because of iMessage support), but never got the time for it. Now I do!! To use this guide...
  4. pmaly

    Clover And Unibeast on two separate SSDs

    Hi guys, I've been using Unibeast for the past few years. I'm interested to test out Clover on the same rig. I got 2 SSDs. Can I use my 2nd SSD to install OS X with Clover? Or do I need to completely remove Unibeast before using Clover? Thanks,
  5. pmaly

    Chrome and Google Notifier preferences resets after restart

    Hey all! Every time I restart my system, I need to reset my default browser to Chrome. The other thing is that I use Gmail and Google Notifier for my mail service. After a restart, I need to go set the "compose mail in" to Gmail too. Any ideas why? Thanks!
  6. pmaly

    Dual boot UniBeast Lion and Windows 7

    So, this is my first built. I've installed with success Lion with the UniBeast guide on my main SSD. I've been using it for over a week. I've partitioned my HDD in two: One for data, the other for eventual install of Windows 7. Is there a guide for dual boot, after UniBeast install? Should I...