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  1. atamah74

    Cannot install Mojave on a CustoMac based on Gigabyte Gaming X

    Hi all, My CPU is i5-9400 (with GPU), don't know if this is an issue. Booting from my installation USB with always stuck with afps_module (last message in the log). Always have ACPI errors in the log (see the screenshot)
  2. atamah74

    Cannot boot from USB prepared for starting the installation

    Hi all, Just built a hackintosh based on Gigabyte z390 Gaming X, 32 Gb Kingston Fury Black (2x16) 3200 and CPU i5 9400 (GPU on chip). Followed the Mojave guide and prepared USB (tried 2 times from scratch) and chosen the UEFI boot loading (as recommended). No luck with booting from USB (in a...
  3. atamah74

    Is Intel i5 9400 (without F) CPU suitable for a build?

    Does anybody know about this CPU? It isn't in the Buyer's guide. I don't know the reasons. It has integrated UHD 630 GPU. So, I'd like to know if this CPU is suitable to make a Hackintosh build.